PLAE Announces First Adult Shoe Line

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Innovative shoe brand, PLAE, announces a line of spring footwear for adults available online and at Nordstrom. Marking a major venture into the general market, the line joins a popular collection of customizable kicks for kids.

“The problem is that, as adults, we sometimes forget. Our goal is to erase the artificial line that’s created between adults and kids when it comes to play.”

PLAE’s spring line offers four models: Mulberry, Butler, Larkin and Prospect. Each design comes in various colors: the Mulberry in white and black; the Butler in Turtledove and Mood Indigo; the Larkin in Blue Nights and Cameo Rose; and the Prospect in Stone, Hyperspace, Blush and Flash. Select models also come with “sidekicks” -- corresponding kids models -- found here.

Each model comes with unique features including the Mulberry and Butler’s patented STAELACE closure system, securing the shoe in one single motion; the Larkin’s interchangeable tabs for custom fit; and the Prospect’s built-in elastic lace-catcher to prevent tripping. All models come with PLAE’s signature INNERSPACE insole to optimize comfort, offered as open-source technology, allowing consumers to 3D print soles from home.

The by-product of a partnership between former Puma lead designer, Ryan Ringholz, and Silicon Valley startup veteran, Jonathan Spier, PLAE has established a leading reputation for offering footwear at the intersection of fashion and technology. This spring, PLAE will ship its 1,000,000th pair of shoes since launch in 2013.

“At the heart of our mission is the idea that play is fundamental -- a hard-wired universal concept inside all of us from the moment we enter the world,” said Founder and Chief Designer, Ryan Ringholz. “The problem is that, as adults, we sometimes forget. Our goal is to erase the artificial line that’s created between adults and kids when it comes to play.”

“Much like eating or breathing, play is a human essential that cuts across cultures, race and gender,” said CEO, Jonathan Spier. “We hope to harness the power of play -- starting with shredding the notion of age limits, of growing up, of losing that spirit of joy. On our journey, we started by asking ourselves and the world, ‘Do you still PLAE?’”

PLAE goes beyond a simple shoe brand -- it’s a lifestyle. The typical PLAE consumer is enthusiastic, a champion of their own individuality, and a disruptor in everything they do. Since inception, PLAE has galvanized support among communities of artists, creators, explorers and change agents. To further support that community, PLAE launched its PLAE-it-Forward program, which exists to create significant personal and cultural change - providing a platform for causes big and small. In fact, together with the community, PLAE has donated more than $1 million in the last 12 months via PLAE-it-Forward, Baby2Baby, Make-A-Wish San Francisco, San Francisco Fire Department, and other give-backs.

Beyond its widespread community efforts, PLAE-it-Forward empowers customers to give back too by giving them an opportunity to choose an organization they love and earn up to 10 percent of new sales value for their cause. More information about PLAE-it-Forward can be found here.