TicketSauce Launches Enhanced Capabilities with Latest E-ticketing Solutions

Media Companies Utilize TicketSauce Solutions to Increase Event Revenue, Maintain First-Party Data Ownership and Create Brand Awareness

SAN DIEGO--()--TicketSauce, a private label event management software company that focuses on growing revenue and data for media organizations, associations and event organizers, today announced enhancements to its event management software solution set.

The e-ticketing leader plans to showcase capabilities at the upcoming 2018 Mega-Conference in San Diego, Feb. 26-28, 2018 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in Lounge 3.

We are excited about the success we’ve seen with multiple media companies using our solutions to grow their revenue and data for their organization,” said Travis Fisher, CEO, TicketSauce. “We continue to drive product innovation and service so that our clients can continue to provide new solutions for their customers. It is critical for media companies to continue to innovate and provide additional services for themselves and their business units.”

TicketSauce recently added new media customers to their portfolio including organizations such as: The Houston Chronicle, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and SagaCity Media.

TicketSauce continues to add new features to their platform. Some of these new capabilities include:

Multi-language Support: completely multi-language enabled in English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French. Languages are easily toggled from the easy-to-use web interface and multi-language support is also available on seating charts for venue-driven events.

Enhanced Shopping Cart: supports shopping cart functionality enabling customers to select and purchase tickets across a series of events or complex multi-day events, such as a film festival. Particularly useful for season passes and multifaceted food and wine festivals, the shopping cart allows customers to checkout quickly and easily, all while shopping a list of various events at the same time.

BOGO Promo Codes: flexible Buy One Get One (BOGO) promo codes enable the event organizer to fully customize their promotional needs and choose the ticket type and quantity selected to trigger the discount to apply on an order.

Star Micronics Point of Sale Printers: the TicketSauce box office solution will be fully integrated with Star Micronics Point of Sale printers, allowing event organizers to streamline day-of-event sales and print tickets quickly on venue-driven and industry standard hardware. Tickets are printed with a QR code for check-in through the TicketSauce iOS app.

Promoting our own brand is essential to what we do and what our clients expect,” said Scott Pompe, Vice President of Advertising, Statesman Media. “With TicketSauce, we are able to keep our name front and center and leverage key opportunities to gather data and information crucial to our continued event growth.”

TicketSauce’s mission is to make it possible for media companies, associations and event organizations to have their own easy-to-use white label ticketing software. As a complete event ticketing solution, the company’s robust, easy and fully-customizable ticketing software provides a simple way to create events and generate additional revenue. End user customers can expect a hassle-free, secure, easy-to-navigate and enjoyable ticket buying experience.

About TicketSauce

TicketSauce is a private label “Software as a Service” event management solution focusing on growing transactional revenue and data for media companies, event organizers, and convention/visitor bureaus.

The complete event management platform provides the ability to control service fee related revenue and provide additional promotion for your events. Its robust, easy and fully-customizable event software provides customers with a hassle-free, secure and enjoyable event creation and ticket buying experience.

Trusted by industry leaders in media, associations and event organizers that include CBS Radio, Gannett, Berkshire Hathaway Media Group, Melbourne Racing Club and Entercom Radio, TicketSauce provides a new way to grow revenue and data for your events. For more information contact: TicketSauce.


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TicketSauce Launches Enhanced Capabilities with Latest E-ticketing Solutions; Media Companies Utilize TicketSauce Solutions to Increase Event Revenue