Microsoft Strengthens Its Commitment to Entrepreneurs and Launches a Program Aimed at Accelerating Startup Growth

REDMOND, Wash.--()--Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft for Startups, a new program that delivers access to business, technology and community benefits that help startups grow their customer and revenue base, build on a dependable platform that scales with them and connect to their community and customers.

“DNA and RNA sequencing has revolutionized medical research—these data could be the key to unlocking cures for countless diseases”

Over the next two years, Microsoft is committing $500M to offer co-selling options to startups as well as access to technology and new community spaces that promote collaboration within local ecosystems. Through this initiative, Microsoft is partnering with founders and investors to accelerate the growth of startups as drivers of innovation.

The Microsoft for Startups program is especially significant to the Hispanic community in the United States, as it is estimated that Hispanics lead more than 4 million companies in the United States.

Envisagenics is one of these companies that has worked with Microsoft to accelerate its growth. Founded by Maria Luisa Pineda in New York, Envisagenics is a bioinformatics startup and its mission is to promote the creation of therapies for new diseases by reducing the complexity of biomedical big data. "DNA and RNA sequencing has revolutionized medical research—these data could be the key to unlocking cures for countless diseases,” said Pineda. With the Microsoft for Startups program, the company’s cloud-based platform will enable efficient analysis of this complex data for the discovery of new therapies.

The new program is designed to help startups:

Sell into new customers, industries and markets. Microsoft for Startups takes a unique approach that connects startups with customers. Microsoft has over 30,000 sales representatives and 800,000 partners whose goal is to drive adoption of Microsoft cloud solutions into companies of all sizes and industries worldwide. The program provides resources that prepare their marketing and sales teams to meet enterprise customer standards and then enable them to sell into these organizations in partnership with Microsoft’s vast sales organization and partner ecosystem.

Rapidly innovate with access to trusted technology, support and development tools. The program provides startups with up to $120k in free Azure credits, enterprise grade technical support and development tools to help them build innovative solutions on the cloud trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies

Access the right resources at the right time. Microsoft for Startups helps startups at every stage in ecosystems around the world:

  • Microsoft Reactors are physical spaces where entrepreneurs, developers, investors and the business community can come together to interact, learn and share.
  • Access to Microsoft ScaleUp (formerly Microsoft Accelerators), helping Series A and later stage startups achieve product market fit, hone their infrastructure, and build their businesses using Azure and Microsoft Dynamics services.
  • Connections with Microsoft Ventures, Microsoft's strategic venture capital investment team, whose mission is to be an active partner at key stages of a startup’s growth, typically investing between Series A and D.


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