CSDC Makes GovTech Enterprise Software Available Through New Subscription Licensing Model

Amanda Editions Provides Access to Platform with Flexible Pricing, Configuration and Deployment Options for All Size Government Entities

AUSTIN, Texas--()--CSDC today announced the release of Amanda Editions, making its powerful Amanda platform -- developed over 25 years and used by some of the most innovative governments in the world -- available to governments of all sizes through new subscription offerings and flexible solutions.

Governments wrestle with how to affordably use technology to enable and compete for growth and enhanced connections with citizens in an easy, seamless fashion. The price and accessibility of enterprise-level, secure solutions were previously prohibitive for many governments due to capital procurement processes, budget sizes, or availability of in-house IT expertise. Amanda Editions changes that by adding the flexibility and affordability of subscription pricing, on-premise or cloud deployment options, and the availability of solutions packages that can help speed up implementation. Amanda Editions is built on the powerful Amanda platform which offers world-class security and compliance and is backed by a broad partner ecosystem.

“Our government customers consistently tell us the same thing. They need modern, enterprise level technology to compete for growth and engage with and empower their citizens. They also need to invest strategically to make the wisest use of their budget dollars. Now, Amanda Editions provides our customers the flexibility with subscription-based pricing, meaning governments of any size and with any level of IT experience and support, can access the powerful Amanda platform,” said Erin Mulligan Nelson, CSDC CEO.

Amanda Editions is available in standard, professional, or enterprise levels through a subscription fee per user/per month. Subscriptions require a minimum of 10 users. Customers can choose a certified partner to help manage implementation and access the Amanda Editions solutions packages to help speed up the implementation. Solutions include land management, permitting, licensing, compliance, courts and FOIA. Governments can install Amanda Editions on-premise or work with one of CSDC’s hosting partners on a cloud deployment.

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CSDC helps hundreds of the most innovative governments operate more efficiently and effectively, compete for growth, and empower their citizens to thrive. Governments of all types and sizes use CSDC’s advanced, scalable enterprise software, backed with rapid innovation cycles and unmatched support, to modernize how they engage with their citizens, and streamline and automate citizen-facing processes such as building permitting, licensing, freedom of information, and judicial enforcement management systems through the Amanda platform. The global company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Learn more at www.csdcsystems.com


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