Like Apple’s Homepod, IpVenture’s Directional Speaker Technology Optimizes Sound

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--If you’ve ever become annoyed with earphones, you might have wished that sound beamed to your ear, maintaining your privacy without disrupting your comfort. Patented technology from IpVenture makes this a reality with a unique approach to directional sound. Typically, commercially-available directional speakers generate sound by converting ultrasound to audible sound in air, a method that produces poor sound quality in low audio frequencies and requires more power than a standard speaker, resulting in bulky speakers tethered to a power outlet. IpVenture’s superior directional speaker technology incorporates an ultrasonic speaker for high audio frequencies and a standard, non-ultrasonic, speaker for low audio frequencies. This hybrid approach is comparable to Apple’s newly introduced Homepod.

“The speaker [for Homepod] delivers the deepest and cleanest bass possible, with low distortion.”

According to Apple’s PR, “The speaker [for Homepod] delivers the deepest and cleanest bass possible, with low distortion.” Business Insider clarifies, “Beyond deep bass, a set of seven tweeters sits in a ring … providing what Apple calls ‘well-balanced smooth timbre.’ That's important, as tweeters output the high end of songs (the treble) while woofers output the low end of songs (the bass) — HomePod has speakers handling the entire spectrum of sound.”

By using a standard speaker, which consumes less power, for lower frequencies, IpVenture’s directional speaker is more power efficient. Thus, IpVenture’s technology is a solution that allows the best of all worlds: highly directional sound that is of higher sound quality, power efficient, and comfortable to wear.

IpVenture’s technology enables users to listen to music or take calls comfortably and privately, anywhere they go. The speakers are compact enough to clip to an article of clothing or integrate into wearables, smartphones, or portable music players. They can also improve the experience of those suffering from hearing loss. Hearing aids are expensive, uncomfortable, and come with a steep learning curve. IpVenture’s technology can provide a better experience at a fraction of the cost, since the speakers would be easier to tweak, earbud free, and there’s no need for personalized ear molds.

So, say goodbye to compromise and hello to a portable, higher-fidelity, personal world of sound. With a new approach to directional sound, hearing music, calls, and engaging with the world can be easier and much more comfortable.

IpVenture, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company that develops innovation backed by high-quality patents. We also offer exceptional patent-related consulting services.


Angela Nijim

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Like Apple Homepod, IpVenture's directional speaker technology uses a hybrid speaker approach to enhance sound fidelity, comfort & power efficiency.

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