Total Trivia Goes Live With Elimination Trivia Tournaments - Customers and Employees Love it

HELSINKI--()--Total Trivia has announced its public launch of free to play Elimination Trivia tournaments. Players are eliminated per round, when they answer questions incorrectly. By answering correctly they can go on to the next round. The most knowledgeable player is the last person standing and wins the prize.

Total Trivia has also announced a change to its policy, allowing its employees to play alongside the general public and its 3M+ user base for the first time in these Elimination Trivia tournaments.

I have worked on building this product for almost two years. Finally being able to play something I’ve worked on myself, together with my friends, family and the general public, has been such a great feeling,” said one employee, working in product development.

When the policy was to only allow employees to play internally, I often won the internal tournaments against other employees. However, since playing in the real tournaments I have been absolutely humbled by the knowledge our players have - I have yet to win even one tournament!” Another said.

The company says they do not give employees any form of discounts or advantage over its customers. Employees play with their own money and in their own time. Employee accounts are marked with a ‘-INT’ suffix on usernames.

Another employee who works in product development said: “Being able to play along side our customers gives us valuable insights into what our customers are experiencing, which means we are able to build better products for them. My partner has also really taken to it and this has led to us being able to talk about how we might improve the overall experience.”


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Paul Davidson
Head of Customer Service

Release Summary

Total Trivia goes live with Elimination Trivia Tournaments and customers and employees love it.

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