Mike Mulica Announced as Chairman of the Board of Distributed IOT Data Exchange (DSX), a Global IOT Blockchain Marketplace

AMSTERDAM--()--A group of Internet of Things (IoT) industry veterans and global thought leaders today announce the launch of DSX, www.iotdsx.com, The Digital Services Exchange, the first dedicated IoT interoperability and monetization services exchange, enabling and supporting the next generation of roaming and settlement services for Low Power Wide Area Networks. DSX is based on blockchain and a radical new distributed ledger which makes monetizing microtransactions within the IoT a practical and commercial reality.

“IoT is about bits, billions, and cents”

DSX is being steered by a prestigious board of advisors led by the Chairman of DSX, Mike Mulica. Mulica is an industry icon, whose stewardship of companies in emerging technologies has ushered in new large global markets that have changed the way the world works. Mike’s public and private company experience includes Synchronoss, Openwave, Phone.com, RealNetworks and most recently Actility.

The DSX Platform will introduce a highly-efficient e-commerce economy which complements Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) including those built using the widely-adopted LoRaWAN standard. It is built over the top of the LoRaWAN protocol which is supported by 60 publicly announced national and large-scale communication service provider networks and operators worldwide, 700+ city deployments and 500+ device manufacturers. The millions of devices that are already in the field will not require any software or hardware update.

The Digital Services Exchange is initially designed to meet the demands of the more than 100 Service Provider and 1000s of Enterprise LPWAN networks in existence today. Based on blockchain technology, DSX will maintain a standard application programming interface and is architected to meet the needs of all IoT networks and device types in the future.

“IoT is about bits, billions, and cents,” said DSX Chairman Mike Mulica. “All participants across the IoT ecosystem are looking for ways to monetize IoT data. DSX fills critical gaps in realizing the monetization of connected devices and the data extracted from these devices, especially in our new world of heterogeneous networks. First geared for LPWAN, DSX’s technology will scale across the full scope of the IoT.”

The company is built on a corporate platform operating in complete compliance with international regulatory requirements. The DSX message exchange is located in a secure datacenter in the Free Trade Zone of Uruguay and pays zero tax, which makes the exchange fee the only expense to perform microtransactions. DSX is working with the Central Bank of Uruguay to use a token as a payment method for this IoT Data Exchange. DSX will build a strong global foundation on Uruguayan governmental approval to accept and issue crypto tokens.

DSX offers a fully distributed, auditable and protected ledger that addresses many of the trust and security issues that are currently seen as the number-one barrier to widespread adoption of the IoT. It will rewrite the rules of how LPWAN networks transact business. Through our strong partnerships, DSX will bring unmatched capabilities to serve the world market.

About DSX

DSX, The Digital Services Exchange, is a global leader in IoT message exchange, interoperability and monetization services for IoT networks. DSX is based on a blockchain with domain-specific consensus algorithms designed to make the microtransactions of the IoT a reality. DSX is being led by a diverse and thoughtful group of world leaders working to deliver the benefits of combining IoT services with the power and security of blockchain technologies.


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