WinView Games Announces $25,000 Perfect Game Jackpot for the Big Game

SAN FRANCISCO--()--You’re watching the Big Game on TV, and as usual, you’re thinking about what’s going to happen next on the field. “Will New England throw an interception this quarter?” or “Will Philadelphia score next?” But what if you could cash in your sports IQ? What if the right decisions paid off?

“Will Philadelphia record a sack or turnover on this drive?”

WinView, Inc. (, the nation’s leading live sports prediction mobile games platform, is giving viewers and sports fans nationwide the opportunity to flex their sports IQ live in front of a friend, foe or fellow fan by predicting the action on the field perfectly. WinView announced today a $25,000 Perfect Game Jackpot for the Big Game. In order to win the jackpot, a user must answer every WinView prediction correctly during the course of a quarter in the Big Game.

At WinView, each quarter is a contest, during which 18-25 YES / NO live prediction questions are sent straight to your mobile device as the action unfolds. Prediction questions follow the live narrative of the game and include questions like, “Will the first play of the quarter be a run or pass?”, “Will New England complete a pass of 15+ yards on this drive?” or “Will Philadelphia record a sack or turnover on this drive?” Payouts are immediate at the completion of each quarterly contest.

WinView Executive Chairman, Tom Rogers, said, “There are some feats that lead to instant sports immortality. We’re proud to add the WinView Perfect Game to the pantheon. Never before have fans watching at home become such a big part of the game. This year, the Big Game’s not only on’s in your hands.”

To participate in the WinView jackpot contest, download the WinView Games app on iOS or Android. Enter a Paid Entry Contest for a chance to win the $25,000 jackpot, or enter a Free Contest for a chance to win a $5,000 jackpot. WinView’s paid contests, which are legal to play in 36 U.S. states, range from $2 to $100 in entry fees, competing against sports fans ranging from 6 to 25 players. WinView’s free entry contests offer smaller prize pools and are legal to play in all 50 states.

Rogers added, “WinView’s about turning the fan into the athlete. You make live game-time decisions that determine whether you win or lose, just like your sports heroes. With immediate payouts every quarter, you can talk trash and win cash all game long.”

WinView offers in-game sports predictions paid entry contests in 36 U.S. states as a real game of skill. Users who are watching a nationally televised pro sports game, such as football and basketball, as well as other sports, are able to join a free or paid entry WinView quarter-long contest, and compete against other sports fans to accurately predict the plays in real-time. Users who accumulate the most points by the end of the contest win cash prizes. As part of WinView’s $25,000 Perfect Game Jackpot, a user must answer and predict every non-undecided question correctly during the course of a quarter.

About WinView, Inc.

WinView, Inc. is a Silicon Valley and New York based company that is focused on paid entry, mobile two-screen synchronized televised sports games of skill in the U.S. The Company plans to leverage its extensive experience in pioneering real-time interactive television games played on the mobile second screen, its foundational patents and unique business model. The WinView app is an end-to-end two-screen TV synchronization platform for both television programming and commercials. The paid entry, skill-based WinView Games app uniquely enhances TV viewing enjoyment and rewards sports fans with prizes as they answer in-game questions while competing with friends in real-time during live televised sports. These games of skill are legal in 36 states. For more information, please visit


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