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Under the guidance of Master Ma, Hong Kong’s property developers are benefiting from the value of feng shui consultancy.

HONG KONG--()--A team of feng shui consultants led by well-respected chief feng shui consultant, Master Ma & team, were invited by a Hong Kong real estate developer to attend their groundbreaking ceremony to carry out a series of feng shui practices.

The ancient practice of feng shui was developed in China over 3,000 years ago, but it can still bring good fortune, balance and harmony to our busy lives, today. Feng shui is particularly important to real estate development projects which need to integrate feng shui elements in the design process to help boost the luck of tenants. Feng shui principles can help to bolster business revenue and—in the case of commercial real estate—reduce the risk of facing legal prosecution, and improve employee loyalty, health and wellbeing.

Master Ma and his team helped with the groundbreaking ceremony and kaiguang ritual, as well as working closely with the company’s architectural department to help design the building. They helped to choose an auspicious date and settled on a favourable direction for the commencement of the construction work. Over the coming months, they worked closely together, selecting an interior designer who would ensure that principles for colour and internal spacing were addressed in the design.

As an experienced and distinguished feng shui master, Master Ma’s feng shui consultancy services also include feng shui inspection. This service involves accompanying clients on site visits to land and construction sites, as well as assisting in the search for suitable locations for hotels, commercial buildings and industrial developments.

mjc-fs.com: The destination for feng shui today

Master Ma’s own approach is rooted in his studies, which incorporate both an enterprising business mindset and a social conscience. He has taken his lifetime of experience and created an engaging, dynamic platform for all ages, that heralds the modern age of feng shui: www.mjc-fs.com

mjc-fs.com, is an online platform that offers a rich resource of feng shui materials, advice, and services. Whether choosing auspicious dates and names or selecting home and business layouts, it’s easy and convenient to request a quotation or make an appointment online.

For more information, please visit: www.mjc-fs.com


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