Dr. Kim of the StanTop Urology & Andrology Clinic Met with Dr. Goldstein in SDSM for the Advanced Medical Information Exchange

SEOUL, South Korea--()--As the StanTop Urology & Andrology Clinic’s representative surgeon, Dr. Kim visited the San Diego Sexual Medicine(SDSM) and met with Dr. Irwin Goldstein who is a world-renowned doctor in urology during 5 days from 15th January 2018.

Through this meeting, Dr. Kim and Dr. Goldstein have had the time to exchange information on the latest treatments of the andrology medicine.

Dr. Goldstein graduated from McGill University and completed internships and residency courses at the Boston University Medical Center. Since then, he has been a prominent scholar who has been practicing as a doctor in parallel with vigorous academic research activities for more than 20 years.

SDSM is being led by Dr. Goldstein who is an internationally respected doctor. It provides facilities and medical services by evidence-based clinical management for males and females with sexual health problems. He also is a member of various medical organizations such as Alvarado Hospital Medical Center and VA San Diego Healthcare System.

During this meeting, Dr. Kim shared his experience in the latest treatment of prostate hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction. These treatments of StanTop Urology & Andrology Clinic have been praised by Dr. Goldstein and his staffs.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Goldstein decided to maintain cooperation, to share more information with each other. Dr. Kim Also received invitation on participating in the clinical project with ISSM and to hold academic presentation. The ISSM stands for the International Society for Sexual Medicine. The Society consists of the world renowned urologists and sexologists who share and exchange research activities and research results related to sexual medicine and sexual health.

Dr. Eugene Rhee is a co-director of fellows in SDSM with Dr. Goldstein. Meanwhile he is an urologist and is affiliated with the Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center. The photo shows they are in conversation.

Dr. Kim said, "This visit was also the occasion to inform the United States of the medical field where Korea has a strong advantage over the world, such as male’s surgery. It was also meaningful because it has formed a channel to exchange advanced medical information with famous medical staff in the United States."


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Dr. Kim of the StanTop Urology & Andrology Clinic Met with Dr. Goldstein in SDSM for the Advanced Medical Information Exchange