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SYDNEY--()--SuiteBox, a leading provider of digital meeting services, is proud to announce the release of their newest technology enhancement: VideoSign Proof of Signature™. This newest feature takes signature verification compliance to the next level by capturing a picture of the signer while signing a digital document online.

SuiteBox’s robust application already enables the meeting host to record and archive an entire online meeting complete with video/audio of all parties present in the meeting; as well as all document signatures within the meeting. SuiteBox also provides a time/date stamp audit trail of all signatures on a document and the finalizing of the document by the meeting host.

“The addition of the VideoSign Proof of Signature™ technology within the SuiteBox application closes the loop on any ambiguities around who has signed a document during a meeting. The VideoSign™ feature offers the proof that the person(s) present within the meeting are truly the ones signing the digital documents. This is a subtle, but incredibly important, verification process that offers SuiteBox clients peace of mind that the signatures executed in the meeting are legitimate and have proof of identity stored within the meeting for all signers,” said Ian Dunbar, CEO of SuiteBox.

With the ability to store an unlimited amount of monthly meeting recordings for a low monthly subscription fee, SuiteBox offers an end to end solution to meet online and close business.

About SuiteBox

SuiteBox is a digital workspace for professional services, enabling you to meet with your clients whenever, and wherever they are, helping you increase revenue and protect your business.

Our cutting edge technology brings together secure video meetings with your collaboration toolsscreen share any documents, tools, applicationswith the latest digital signing and verification technology, to help you accelerate sales and grow your business faster.

With regulation and compliance becoming more and more onerous for professional services businesses, the importance of recording meetings and signatures on applications, documents, and proposals will become increasingly more important. Protect your business from getting sued or fined in the digital signature age with SuiteBox!


Brian Warfel, 954-603-6032
Director of U.S. Operations

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Release Summary

SuiteBox introduces VideoSign Proof of Signature™ technology which ensures users have visual and verbal proof that a digital signature was signed.