Hogan Assessments VP Publishes New Book Fusion: The Psychology of Teams

The Why, What, and How of Better Performing Teams

TULSA, Okla.--()--Working in teams is a part of life. Fusion: The Psychology of Teams answers the question of why so many organizations fail to have efficient teams, and gives simple, measurable guidelines to help construct more powerful and potent teams at any level, in any industry.

Authored by Dave Winsborough, psychologist and Vice President of Innovation at Hogan Assessments, Fusion describes the underlying psychology that powers extraordinary teams and high performance. Although teams are the basic human work unit, too few leaders are clear about the complex factors that create the conditions for teams to win and members to thrive. This book lays out a clear path for all team leaders to raise their own performance and build exceptional teams.

In his transition from clinical to organizational psychology, Winsborough discovered he was fascinated by the concept of effective team building, and has since dedicated the past 20 years to the cause.

I began my career by helping individuals overcome unhappiness,” says Winsborough. “I have since progressed towards a more fundamental human endeavor—helping groups and teams and tribes do what comes naturally: work together.”

Almost everything humans accomplish as a species is achieved through cooperation. In the same way a fish isn’t aware of the water in which it swims, humans seem peculiarly blind to the wonder, power and beauty of groupness, which is why organizations handle teams so poorly. However, organizations’ mishandling of teams has created opportunities for applied science to help people enjoy and perform more effectively as teams.

Drawing from and illustrating the science behind team research, Dave shows that the billion-dollar team-building industry has a lot to answer for and organizations have a duty of care in creating great teams,” says Adam Yearsley, Head of Talent for Redbull. “Dave provides a well-researched direction culminating in insights to build high-performance teams from the best in this field. This book is the summation of decades of research deftly woven into digestible and actionable directions.”

Fusion provides readers with a well-researched and thought-provoking instruction manual to creating more dynamic teams by focusing on the natural instinct of grouping by humans. The book explains why many teams fail, and lays out a clear path for all team leaders to raise their own performance and build exceptional teams.

This book provides a data-driven solution to getting a group of individuals to leave aside their selfish agendas and function as a coordinated unit by understanding the science of teams to help every business leader become a true team expert and make an impact,” says Hogan CEO Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. “Intellectually stimulating and captivating, Fusion is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding, predicting, and boosting team performance.”

Fusion: The Psychology of Teams is on sale now, and can be purchased on Amazon or at www.teamfusionbook.com.

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"Fusion: The Psychology of Teams" answers the question of why so many organizations fail to have efficient teams.

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