Quad Technologies Opens New HQ to Support cGMP Manufacturing of QuickGel for T-Cell Activation

WOBURN, Mass.--()--Quad Technologies, a leader in cell and gene therapy bioprocessing reagents, announced today that it has opened a new, larger headquarters and laboratory that allows the company to expand manufacturing capabilities and offer clients cGMP QuickGel™ orders to produce quality reagents for gene-modified cell therapy bioprocesses. According to Quad Technologies Co-Founder & CEO Sean Kevlahan, the new location is the next evolution of the company’s mission to improve gene-modified cell processes and deliver superior reagents to therapy providers.

“When opportunity knocks, you can’t just simply open the door”

“This new headquarters changes the game for Quad Technologies and its customers,” Kevlahan said. “We are delivering a service and product that no other company currently offers: a unique T-cell activation reagent using patented QuickGel that ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness. By moving into this larger office and laboratory space with ISO 8 and ISO 7 clean rooms, we are poised for immediate expansion that benefits the biotechnology industry.”

“When opportunity knocks, you can’t just simply open the door,” Kevlahan continued. “You need to step through that door, evaluate what’s on the other side, and if it exhibits potential for success or growth, put everything you have into it and close the door behind you. Our renewed focus on producing cGMP reagents and infrastructure to be used within clinical manufacturing truly sets us apart and gives the market a better, simpler, more efficient means of T-cell activation for CAR-T.“

With staff expected to grow 60-70% over the next 12 months, Quad Technologies is positioning itself to be a market leader through the use of novel processes and proprietary patented technologies.

About Quad Technologies:
Woburn, Massachusetts-based Quad Technologies is a privately held company that develops bioprocessing reagents for cell-based therapeutics. Since the company’s founding in 2013 it has been hailed as a technical innovator and has operated on a process-centric basis. Our belief is that the end-user process is the product, and so we design our reagents to eliminate steps and create quality cells, producing better, more efficient therapeutic products. For more information, visit www.quadtechnologies.com.


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