Lowe Property Management Plus Sets New Standard for Top-Performing Office Properties

Contemporary hospitality-inspired management combined with operating proficiency offers competitive advantage to building owners

LOS ANGELES--()--Lowe, a recognized leader with more than 40 years of experience managing commercial real estate, is elevating the business of property management with Lowe Property Management Plus – a workplace solution that authentically connects people to the places they work. Lowe’s expertise and spirit of hospitality are the foundation of the program, where the combination of operating rigor and hospitality-inspired experience creates superior office environments where people want to come and stay.

“Increased interaction with tenants offers us real time feedback on our management services, tenants’ expectations, and their likelihood of renewal. Armed with this information, and through proactive instead of reactive management, we can continuously improve our service as well as property financial performance”

“Lowe offers a balanced perspective, creating enhanced tenant engagement and programs that build community while providing operating proficiency and thoughtful attention to every detail of building management, as well as to each partnership and experience we create,” said Rick Newman, CEO, Lowe Real Estate. “Office owners have recognized the importance of configuring a building’s physical space to create inviting collaborative environments that appeal to today’s workforce. We believe you need to go one step further and re-think the role of property management to distinguish a building within the market and improve the bottom-line. Our team is elevating the tenant experience to create places where people want to be.”

Hospitality at Work

Lowe has managed hospitality properties since it was formed in 1972. Its affiliate, Two Roads Hospitality, is one of the largest independent managers of lifestyle hotels and resorts with 95 properties around the world. Lowe applies the hospitality management skills it has honed over decades to training its property management staff. This approach, which Lowe calls Hospitality at Work, differentiates Lowe’s team from other property managers. With the introduction of this training combined with tenant-friendly technology, Lowe Property Management Plus offers a customized, locally-focused property management program that emphasizes attention to detail, exceptional service and tenant experience in addition to the equally important day-to-day aspects of superior building operations. The program is sustained through continuous innovation, training and a passionate commitment to both tenants and owners.

“Also since its inception, Lowe has managed office properties. We understand building operations and maintenance, client reporting and the importance of superior financial performance,” added Newman. “We also see firsthand what it takes to retain tenants in an evolving office market. Today’s office buildings must offer an engaging community environment to remain competitive, vibrant and successful. Lowe Property Management Plus offers the types of activities that businesses used to handle individually.”

As technology and workplace options have proliferated, tenants increasingly value efficiency and satisfaction in their work environment. Lowe Property Management Plus is designed to create a community within the building, changing the employee’s perception of the workplace.

From its many assignments managing offices, hotels, and resorts on behalf of institutional owners, Lowe’s management team not only has the depth of experience to oversee the building’s upkeep, manage any renovations and provide concise financial reporting, but also to develop tenant programs for the asset. Using local vendors and seasonal products, Lowe creates experiences that are as diverse as its clients. Building communities have regular walking clubs, food trucks, business services, social events, team building exercises, time-saving services, health and wellness programs, friendly competitions, and more.

“Increased interaction with tenants offers us real time feedback on our management services, tenants’ expectations, and their likelihood of renewal. Armed with this information, and through proactive instead of reactive management, we can continuously improve our service as well as property financial performance,” Newman noted.

Clients who hire Lowe benefit from the expertise of Vice President Daisy Gauck who managed the design, strategy and implementation of the program, as well as transition teams, asset managers and property managers across the country. At the property level, Lowe Property Management Plus customizes teams of professionals such as building hosts who interact with the tenants and their employees and plan and implement programs and services at the property, building managers, construction managers and engineers who ensure smooth operations of building systems and hospitality-inspired common area and tenant build-outs, and accountants and asset management specialists who provide realistic budgets and accurate financial operating data.

About Lowe

Los Angeles-based Lowe, formerly known as Lowe Enterprises, is a leading national real estate investment, development and management firm. Over the past 45 years, it has developed, acquired or managed more than $28 billion of real estate assets nationwide as it pursued its mission to build value in real estate by creating innovative, lasting environments and meaningful experiences that connect people and place. Lowe is currently responsible for more than $8.5 billion of commercial, hospitality and residential assets and has more than $2 billion in commercial real estate projects in the pipeline or under development. It has more than 17,000 employees at Lowe and its affiliates, and manages approximately 17,500 hotel rooms worldwide. In addition to its Los Angeles headquarters, Lowe maintains regional offices in Southern California, Northern California, Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, DC. For more information visit www.Lowe-RE.com.


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