Safyr Accelerates Personal Data Discovery in ERP & CRM Systems for GDPR Compliance

- Fast, Accurate, Cost-Effective Software for Locating Personal Data in Sap, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and Other Major Packaged Applications.

- Accessible Metadata Intelligence for the Most Complex, Customised Erp and Crm Packages.

ASCOT, England--()--Silwood Technology Ltd, a supplier of enterprise application metadata intelligence software, has announced the availability of Safyr® Version 7, a software product that enables users to identify sources of Personal Data in major ERP and CRM packages for GDPR compliance in minutes.

“birth) across an entire system, and decide exactly which items of the metadata set are relevant and need to be retained.”

Analysts, architects and other data professionals can use Safyr to access, understand, share and utilise the underlying data structures for major packages from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft and other packages.

Finding the precise location of data defined as ‘Personal’ under GDPR amongst the thousands of tables and columns (or fields) in customised systems, represents a significant challenge. Traditional tools and methods, such as searching for documentation, using templates and reference models or employing external consultants, do not address the challenge in an effective and timely fashion.

For example, consider how many times the attribute “birth” might occur in an SAP system which contains 90,000+ tables. Using Safyr in a recent client engagement, a customer could find all occurrences of the Personal Data string ‘birth’ across all tables and fields in an SAP system in under five minutes. That information was delivered to metadata and data governance platforms for further exploitation, for example for data lineage, metadata glossary or enterprise data dictionary applications.

Safyr now offers two new features in response to the need to identify all Personal Data held on individuals for GDPR compliance programs.

Marked Field – addresses the problem of having large numbers of unwanted or irrelevant attributes in some tables. It enables users to easily isolate all instances of a particular term (e.g. “birth) across an entire system, and decide exactly which items of the metadata set are relevant and need to be retained.

The feature also enables the combination of several sets of Personal Data attributes into a single manageable grouping.

Metadata Reporting - supports organisations that may not have embarked on the implementation of a Data Governance or Enterprise Metadata Management platform for GDPR. It provides them with the ability to export Safyr content directly to Excel to enable faster and more effective collation and management of Personal Data.

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Silwood Technology launches fast, accurate, cost-effective software for locating Personal Data in SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and more

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