Cappasity Set to Unveil World’s First Blockchain Platform for AR/VR/3D Content

Interactive 3D Image Leader will launch a $50M ARToken (ART) crowdsale as part of initiative to make 3D imaging for AR/VR as easy as photography

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Cappasity, the leader in delivering an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images, announced today it is developing an AR/VR blockchain ecosystem designed to enable fast and easy AR/VR/3D content creation. The platform will be powered by ARToken (ART), a virtual currency for trading the content inside the ecosystem. The virtual currency will be made available as a result of Cappasity’s upcoming $50M token crowdsale scheduled for the end of September.

3D content is becoming a critical component in multiple verticals including gaming, entertainment, retail, art, education, and health. Cappasity will leverage the blockchain to become the global 3D/AR/VR content exchange ecosystem for the users, developers and businesses who will benefit from 3D image creation, embedding and trading. Cappasity ARTs can be earned by creating and sharing 3D/AR/VR content, and be used to buy or rent it.

70 percent of ARTokens will be distributed between crowdsale participants, with the remaining ARTs will be allocated to founders’ long-term endowment and early contributors.

The ARToken crowdsale will begin at the end of September and will last for 4 weeks. The Cappasity platform, a beta-version of which was released in January 2017, plans to attract a total of $50m. Total investment in the company from VC funds and angel investors so far amounted to $1.8m.


The platform will allow 3D content creators and distributors to monetize and share the fruits of their creativity via a tokenized ecosystem. The solution comes with a comprehensive array of features, including:

  • SDK and plugins to produce high quality AR/VR and 3D content;
  • Tools to enable embedding 3D content into web stores and mobile apps;
  • Powerful Cappasity AI analytics to handle customer interactions with 3D, creating a heatmap for each digitized product;
  • Compatibility with AR/VR devices.


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