Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC Confirms the Dismissal of Charges in Nassau County Social Host Law Case

NEW YORK--()--Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC today issued the following statement regarding the official proclamation by the District Court of Nassau County Judge, Hon. David Goodsell, in respect to the case against Long Island resident, Adam Hutt:

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, Great Neck homeowner, identified as 53-year-old Adam Hutt, Founding Partner of Leviticus Partners, L.P., was issued an appearance ticket in violation of the Nassau County Social Host Law when his daughter hosted an end of the summer party at their home. As of January 12, 2017, all charges against Mr. Hutt were dismissed due to the lack of sufficient evidence presented in the case.

The Social Host Law serves to prevent underage consumption of alcoholic beverages by holding any person over the age of eighteen who owns, rents, or controls a private residence accountable for the unlawful consumption of alcohol by any minor at a private residence.

As a responsible parent and homeowner, Mr. Hutt removed all of the alcoholic beverages from his home prior to the party and even hired 3 security guards to monitor the guests to ensure that no alcohol was being consumed throughout the event. Allegedly, some of the invitees had been drinking prior to their arrival at the party and due to their behavior the police and ambulance were called by the homeowners, resulting in Mr. Hutt’s arrest.

Attorney, Marc Gann, successfully disputed the claims against the defendant, Adam Hutt, and all charges in violation of the local law were dismissed by reason of absolutely no supporting evidence proving that he knew of any alcoholic beverages being consumed by minors on the premises of his home.

“As we approach the one year anniversary from the initial arrest, we’re dreadfully reminded of Mr. Hutt’s case and the negative implications created towards Mr. Hutt and his family. Although the charges were dismissed in the interest of justice, this story is truly a cautionary tale for parents who can be prosecuted by overzealous law enforcement officials jumping to the conclusion that minors who are found to be intoxicated at a party must have consumed alcohol with the knowledge and consent of the homeowner. Responsible and engaged parents can be so wrongly punished,” said Gann.


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