Cymulate Helps Businesses Strengthen Cyber Defenses with New Breach and Attack Simulation Technology for Security System Testing

New Launch Exposes Hidden Vulnerabilities, Assesses Readiness to Fight Cyber Attacks

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Tech start-up Cymulate today announced the launch of a new weapon in the war against cyber attacks, one that helps organizations expose hidden vulnerabilities in their security systems and assess their readiness to prevent cyber attacks. Cymulate’s SaaS-based breach and attack simulation platform mimics the myriad strategies hackers deploy, enabling businesses to validate their cyber defenses more frequently, comprehensively, and responsively—and stay one step ahead of the latest, most sophisticated cyber attacks.

Today’s cyber attacks are more advanced and dynamic than ever, as hackers work tirelessly to breach networks, steal intellectual property, and disrupt operations. Organizations invested over $80 billion last year to protect their data, block malware, and safeguard critical business processes. Still, security systems may fall short of providing complete protection.

One example of the troubling cyber-crime wave: the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, which swept across the globe in May, infecting tens of thousands of enterprise servers in 100 countries. The initial penetration vector was email, as dedicated emails were sent to organizations with WannaCry hidden inside PDF or Word attachments. Later, WannaCry used a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Windows (subsequently corrected with a group of patches) to encrypt files and spread the malware laterally through networks.

Cymulate allows organizations with complex security solutions to assess their true preparedness to handle cyber security threats effectively, Cymulate co-founder and CEO Eyal Wachsman explains. “Many businesses invest significant efforts, time, money and other resources in their security systems, yet still can’t answer two essential questions—how safe are they right now? Where are they vulnerable? We’ve developed a unique new approach that allows organizations to resolve security gaps and validate their cyber defenses on-demand before actual attackers have a chance to exploit any weaknesses.”

The cyber simulation platform provides an on-demand, plug-and-play solution that enables companies to run their own simulations any time, from any location, with immediate results. The self-service model provides companies with a full picture of their security posture year-round, allowing them to control any security gaps detected. The platform shortens the usual testing cycle and speeds up time to remediation substantially.

About Cymulate

Cymulate helps companies stay one step ahead of cyber attackers with a unique breach and cyber attack simulation platform that empowers organizations with complex security solutions to safeguard their business-critical assets. By mimicking the myriad strategies hackers deploy, the system allows businesses to assess their true preparedness to handle cyber security threats effectively. An on-demand SaaS-based platform lets users run simulations 24/7 from anywhere, shorten the usual testing cycle, and speed up time to remediation. Cymulate was established in 2016 by former Israeli Defense Forces intelligence officers and leading cyber researchers with robust experience in offensive cyber solutions. It serves a broad range of industries, including finance, health care, telecommunication, airline, naval, and transportation. For more information, visit


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Tech start-up Cymulate today announced the launch of a new weapon in the war against cyber attacks.