Cornelius, SBT Launch NexDraft™ Craft Beer Market Trials

CHICAGO--()--Cornelius, Inc., the leading global producer of beverage dispensing systems, and Sustainable Beverage Technologies (“SBT”), a Colorado-based developer of beer technologies, are excited to announce NexDraft™ beer is now in market trials in Denver, Col.

“But with this system I’m now offering an assortment of craft beers on tap!”

SBT’s NexDraft™ technology allows brewers to make beer at six times the normal flavor profile while using only traditional brewing ingredients – water, malt, yeast and hops. The beer is then dispensed with carbonated water and alcohol on premise through the Cornelius NexDraft™ tap system to deliver a fresh and authentic draft beer experience. The combination of SBT and Cornelius technology in NexDraft™ thus allows craft brewers to share their beer with a wider audience of customers in a more efficient and sustainable manner with significant reductions in water and energy use compared to conventional beer.

Using NexDraft™, MacKinzie's Cocktails & Wine in Denver is now dispensing premium craft beer without the need for large kegs and cooler rooms. Since Cornelius installed its NexDraft™ Four tap system at the end of May, consumers have been enjoying the technology driven beer of the future. The Cornelius dispenser has enabled MacKinzie’s owner Chad Gatzemeyer to expand the selection of beers for his guests. “Kegs take up too much room for a bar my size, so until now I’ve only had canned and bottled beer,” he said. “But with this system I’m now offering an assortment of craft beers on tap!”

A rotation of premium craft beers developed with a variety of industry leading breweries including New Belgium, Crazy Mountain, Denali, and Flat-12 Bierwerks are being showcased on the new NexDraft™ Four tap system. Patrick Tatera, CEO and founder of SBT, said: “It’s exciting to work with world class breweries that provide exceptional craft beers, and also have such strong values towards the environment and sustainability.”

“The partnership between Cornelius and SBT will use cutting edge technology to put craft beer brands in places they have never been with great taste and environmental sustainability being served at the same time,” said Jeff Garascia, SVP of Growth & Innovation for Cornelius.

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