Founder and CEO of Amazon Charmed by Fabio Bongianni’s Art of Cooking

A Fabiolous Cooking Day: the authentic cooking experience in Rome captivates one of the leading international entrepreneurs and philanthropists

ROME--()--On Thursday, May 11th, the founder of Amazon and his family participated in A Fabiolous Cooking Day, a cooking class by Fabio Bongianni. The event took place in the heart of Rome, amidst the suggestive setting of 15th century Palazzo Taverna.

The Roman chef and entrepreneur, Fabio Bongianni, is the founder and creator of “That’s Amore,” one of Rome’s most charming restaurants for over twenty years.

A Fabiolous Cooking Day is becoming increasingly more popular amongst those who want to experience Rome in an authentic way.

The experience includes shopping for freshly picked ingredients in an open-air market and then putting them together under the expert eye of the chef. The experience can take place in several locations, from a dream apartment in the Jewish Ghetto, to one on the Tiberina Island, to a charming private villa in the countryside.

Bongianni’s cooking lessons have contributed to making the stays of international movie stars and entrepreneurs very special here in Rome.

Word-of-mouth has made A Fabiolous Cooking Day a “must” for all of those wishing to explore and enjoy the authenticity of the Eternal City.

Bongianni’s cooking lessons teach step-by-step the preparation of homemade pasta or a delicious saltimbocca following original Italian recipes. Going beyond the traditional cooking school concept, this experience creates the opportunity to be together and enjoy a typical Roman day, surrounded by Renaissance frescoes, or windows facing the rooftops of ancient Roman buildings.

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Fabiolous Cooking Day
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Fabiolous Cooking Day