Realm Empowers Mobile Developers to Tap Into Serverless Development to Build Collaborative and Realtime Experiences

Realm Functions is Major Breakthrough for Creating New Application and Data Layer for the Mobile Internet

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Realm, the mobile platform powering the world’s most responsive applications, today announced a new logic layer to the Realm Mobile Platform that makes it easy for mobile developers to build enhanced applications and features that rely on server-side functionality. The new serverless logic layer—Realm Functions—is a significant advancement for mobile developers, empowering them to develop breakthrough application functionality without requiring backend development skills or help from other programmers. With its core technology already embedded in over one billion mobile apps, Realm is with this launch embarking on the third phase in its mission to help developers build better apps faster by incorporating an app logic and database layer within a unified mobile platform.

“Almost a decade after the iPhone ushered in the age of modern mobile apps, developers are still relying on application and database stacks that were built for the web”

In 2014 Realm released the Realm Mobile Database, which has become the world’s leading third-party database powering applications such as Starbucks, Netflix, eBay, SAP and Zappos. Last October it released the Realm Mobile Platform for realtime data synchronization between devices and servers, easy integration with existing APIs and enterprise databases and to drive offline-first capabilities.

Now, the company is extending the platform with Realm Functions, the easiest way for mobile developers to create responsive server-side logic that executes as fast as your data changes. As edge computing becomes the preferred architecture for running data-driven, intelligent applications, Realm Functions is an ideal approach for Android and iOS developers to add sophisticated server-based features directly to their applications in true “serverless” fashion, without having to enlist the resources of a backend team.

“Almost a decade after the iPhone ushered in the age of modern mobile apps, developers are still relying on application and database stacks that were built for the web,” said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO of Realm. “We’re replacing that with our mobile-first platform that, with new Realm Functions, combines a realtime data layer with a serverless app logic layer. The Realm platform makes it easy to build powerful collaborative application functionality and reactive user experiences.”

“Realm Functions makes it trivially easy to deliver quality apps at the quick pace our customers demand,” said Spencer Schoeben, co-founder of Integral Studio.

The Realm Object Server is an object synchronization and event handling server that works with Realm's mobile database to keep data in sync across devices seamlessly and automatically, with minimal changes to data models or controllers. It uses live objects shared across the Realm Mobile Database and the Realm Object Server, which update automatically and immediately in response to changes at either source–with comprehensive data encryption throughout. With this innovation, developers can easily add messaging and chat, live collaboration, two-way data syncing, “offline first” capability, endpoint computing and a host of other features that until now were extremely complicated, expensive and difficult to develop, deploy and maintain. Realm Functions now allows developers to add app logic to their apps via a web interface, expanding access and increasing the simplicity of creating next generation applications.

To get more information, click here. Developers can also get access to sample code via this public Github repo.

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Realm is the mobile platform powering the world’s most responsive applications. Launched in 2014, the Realm Mobile Database is the most popular third-party database in the world, and the mobile database enabling high-performance, highly engaging end-user experiences for more than a billion users of mobile apps. The Realm Mobile Platform, which combines the Realm Mobile Database and the new Realm Object Server, is the ideal solution for any company that wants to deliver great and collaborative user experiences through live data synchronization between users and offline app availability. For the first time, any company in any industry can now easily and affordably build mobile apps that offer realtime features like messaging and chat, collaboration and endpoint computing. More information about the company is available at or @realm.


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