Feed A Billion Responds to Famine Crisis in Sudan, Somalia, Surrounding Areas

Feed A Billion commits to sending 1 million meals to northern African nations; seeks sponsors to help fund immediate need

NORTHBROOK, Ill.--()--Some 20 million people are starving or on the brink of starvation, facing extreme famine in the countries of Sudan, Somalia and other surrounding nations. United Nations recently declared this the greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945, activating many nonprofit relief agencies, celebrities and philanthropists to jump into action. One of those nonprofit agencies, Feed A Billion, has even further increased their already growing efforts to provide meals to starving humans throughout the world, committing to send 1 million meals to those African nations, answering an immediate need in their ongoing goal to provide 1 billion meals by 2020.

“Feed A Billion is highly efficient at providing 10 meals for every $1 of contribution”

To provide those meals immediately, Feed A Billion is seeking sponsors to help fund the container those meals will be shipped in.

“Someone dies from insufficient food and nutrition every four seconds,” said Feed A Billion Founder Dr. Ambuj Jain. “All of us at Feed A Billion are gratified to see greater attention emerging on this topic. And now we need to answer this immediate call, with the help of an additional financial partner.”

Feed A Billion, launched in May 2016 as a way to apply the principles of business and social media to the problem of world hunger in an effective way, is pioneering a new model to leverage existing resources, partnerships and the power of matching sponsors to bring the cost of contributed meals down to $0.10 apiece.

“Feed A Billion is highly efficient at providing 10 meals for every $1 of contribution,” Jain said. “That contribution also includes the necessary attention to security and distribution concerns.”

Feed A Billion allows sponsors and donors to specify the part of the world they want their contributions to help. This means donors can not only help those suffering in Sudan, Somalia and surrounding areas, they can rest assured that 100 percent of those donations will make a difference in that famine-stricken area of the world.

To date, Feed A Billion has provided 1.3 million meals. With a commitment from Tony Robbins, world-renowned strategist for success and best-selling author, to match up to 400 million meals, Feed A Billion is well on their way to meeting their 1 billion goal.

For more information about corporate sponsorships, donations of service or social media participation in Feed A Billion, visit www.feedabillion.org or email contact@feedabillion.org.

About Feed A Billion

Feed A Billion (FAB) is a 501(c)(3) organization was launched in 2016 by Dr. Ambuj Jain. The FAB organization and partners are using principles of business, social media and partnership leverage to create a new model for philanthropy. FAB is using its model to accomplish the massive challenge of providing 1 billion meals to the world’s hungry by November 2020. As of January 2017, with the help of various global partners, the organization has provided 1.3 million meals so far.

Through a partnership with social giving platform xocial, FAB is using social media and gamification to expand the effectiveness of corporate giving via social influencers, who can participate in ways outside of monetary contribution. For more information, visit www.FeedaBillion.org.


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