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TITLE: Preview of the Entertainment Technology in the Connected Age Conference: Redefining the Entertainment Experience


  • Patrick Griffis, SMPTE Executive Vice President and Executive Director, Technology Strategy in the Office of the CTO at Dolby Laboratories
  • Gordon Castle, Head of Strategy Area Mediacom, Ericsson Sweden
  • Timo Kunkel, Staff Researcher, Applied Vision Science Group - Imaging R&D at Dolby Laboratories

WHEN: Friday, April 7, Noon EDT

SMPTE’s fifth annual Entertainment Technology in the Connected Age (ETCA) conference will be held this year from May 8-9 at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus. During this special webcast, experts slated to present at ETCA 2017 will discuss the conference theme, “Redefining the Entertainment Experience,” and what attendees can expect to learn about emerging technologies’ impact on current and future delivery of compelling connected entertainment experiences.

ETCA Conference Program Chair and SMPTE Executive Vice President Patrick Griffis will be joined by Ericsson’s Gordon Castle, and Dolby Laboratories’ Timo Kunkel. The group will delve into several of the conference’s compelling topic areas, including the evolution of compression schemes to accommodate new formats and new storytelling tools such as virtual and augmented reality; how to assess content and display characteristics using knowledge from human perception in order to optimize content presentation; new and emerging technical and business models for content delivery and monetization; the future of live streaming; the industry’s ongoing shift to internet protocol (IP) infrastructure; and the rise of interactivity in everything from user control to immersive viewing. The webcast presenters also will discuss their experiences redefining the entertainment experience.

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