SISSEL Celebrates 25 Years of the ‘World’s Greatest Pillow’

ANAHEIM, Calif.--()--SISSEL, the chosen brand of more than 500,000 medical and fitness professionals worldwide, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of it’s first product, the groundbreaking SISSEL® Pillow. For a quarter century, SISSEL has been manufacturing what has been widely regarded as the world’s best and most innovative sleep product.

The origin of the SISSEL Pillow actually dates back more than 30 years, to when Swedish entrepreneur Carl-Emil Christensen and his wife Sissel dedicated themselves to creating a solution for chronic neck pain (something Sissel herself suffered from). Working with a series of designs to generate an effective amount of support to the neck in an ergonomic shape, and using innovative memory foam (long before the material was popular), the couple developed the SISSEL pillow.

The pillow, still manufactured in Sweden, remains the go-to recommended product by medical, fitness and sleep professionals around the world due to it’s unique design, which offers increased isolated pressure distribution, along with slightly reduced support or correction intensity to provide the ideal shape for sensitive neck patients.

Due to its unique angle, the memory foam construct glides between shoulder and cervical spinal column and fills the space between, which gently leads the spinal column into the anatomically correct position. The unique edge of the SISSEL pillow also guarantees ideal support of the shoulder when in a lateral position, thus relieving vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

Now available in various forms, the SISSEL Plus, Classic and Travel orthopedic pillows consist of polyurethane foam, which has a high support capacity. SISSEL Soft, Deluxe and Bambini orthopedic pillows are made from memory foam. All SISSEL pillows carry a five-year warranty.

Often imitated, but never topped, the SISSEL Pillow has long been a huge success all over Europe, leading to an ever-growing line of additional product designs that incorporate natural principles of healthy living, preventive care and fitness. All the SISSEL pillows and healthy living products are now available in the US.

SISSEL® has been providing exercise equipment and physical therapy products for more than two decades. SISSEL products are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Learn more at

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The Swedish-made SISSEL pillow is celebrating it's 25th anniversary of providing healthier, restful and body-friendly sleep.