MZ Launches Satori [beta], Announces Satori $1,000,000 Live Open Data Cash Challenge

Developers Worldwide Invited to Republish All Open Data Sources on Satori.Com

First and only free data platform removes all cost and computation barriers for developers worldwide, allowing them to build apps for free on streaming, live open data

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Today MZ launched Satori, the world’s only free, live data platform. Satori is the first platform capable of coalescing the world’s open data into streaming “live data” and making it continuously available for any developer, anywhere. Access to Satori for developers and publishers is free of cost.

“Right now the state of open data is a mess. It exists on thousands of siloed websites all over the world, making it difficult for developers and open data publishers to realize the full potential of public data”

MZ also announced the Satori $1,000,000 Live Open Data Challenge, a 90-day contest in which developers are required to republish open data feeds on Satori to create the Most Impactful Live Data Channel. First place is $500,000, $250,000 for second place, and $100,000 for third place. There will also be 10 Honorable Mention prizes of $15,000 each awarded throughout the contest. Under the rules of the Challenge, winning channels will be those that showcase the speed and scale of Satori in unique ways, have the potential to positively impact people’s lives, are scalable, and are built for widespread use. The entire world will then be able to build apps on the winning channels as well as existing channels for free.

“Right now the state of open data is a mess. It exists on thousands of siloed websites all over the world, making it difficult for developers and open data publishers to realize the full potential of public data,” said MZ Co-founder and CEO Gabe Leydon. “We created Satori as a free platform where developers can access live, streaming data from around the world, and use it to positively impact people, businesses, cities, countries, and the world – all for free. Satori will not only fundamentally change the way open data is developed, but the world of open data itself. And we are giving away $1 million for developers to bring more open data to the platform and create the Most Impactful Live Open Data Channel.”

As a free platform, Satori removes all barriers to sharing and managing real time information across the world, enabling developers to quickly build live data apps. For open data publishers, Satori represents the potential to go from a few interested developers, to an unlimited worldwide audience of developers capable of building apps on their data – at no cost.

The platform within Satori, which can also be used for distributing secure private data, is an advancement of the technology behind MZ’s successful mobile games in which millions of game players across the world engage in complex, concurrent interactions in a single data stream. At launch, Satori already has more than 5 million RSS feeds and other data channels for developers to build on. With high throughput and near-infinite scalability at ultra-low latency, Satori will enable the ongoing creation of live data apps that tie together open live data in ways never seen before.

Satori in Action

New Zealand’s adoption of Satori will be an outgrowth of the 2016 Auckland Transport Project, which gave the transit agency a single command center with 360˚ live insight into the city’s fleet of 3,000 buses, including ticket sales, routes, schedules, and more. Satori was able to partner with Auckland Transport and move all of that sensor data into a single streaming, live data channel. And by building a console on top of the live data platform, Satori was able to empower city operators to not only have ubiquitous insight into all live data from every bus as it was streaming but start to analyze and plan bus routes and experiment with new ideas to increase ridership like dynamic pricing. Best of all, Auckland Transport can today ensure that the buses are on time and on-route.

Satori will equip New Zealand to be able to monitor and respond to all aspects of transportation data and for the nearly 4.5 million residents and 3.5 million tourists who visit annually. And since any developer anywhere can build apps on Satori for free, the next great app might just be built in Wellington, Auckland, or Christchurch.

About Satori

Satori is the first and only platform that is coalescing all open-data as a single streaming live-data source. And the only free, live-data ecosystem for developers and data publishers. Satori standardizes live open data making it instantly accessible to developers everywhere and provides open data publishers access to the largest pool of developers possible. Data is transmitted on a massive scale with ultra-low latency, making it uniquely capable of driving complex, data-heavy systems for private and public use. In New Zealand, for example, Satori is already powering a command center for Auckland Transport.

Official rules for the Satori $1,000,000 Live Open Data Challenge can be found here.

About MZ

MZ is a technology company and creator of Satori, the world’s first platform to unleash the true power of live open data. A global leader in free-to-play mobile gaming, MZ is also the force behind the largest single-world, multiplayer mobile games in the world (Game of War - Fire Age and Mobile Strike), which have been among the top-grossing mobile worldwide since launch. Founded in 2008 as part of the highly prestigious Y Combinator program and the 2010 winner of the TechCrunch Crunchies Award for “Best Bootstrapped Company,” MZ has more than 1,000 employees around the world and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with operations in Las Vegas, Germany, and Japan. The applications of the technology MZ has created reaches far beyond games and makes possible today the live-data world of tomorrow.


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