Spoof Email Scam Impersonates Entwistle & Cappucci Partner

NEW YORK--()--Entwistle & Cappucci LLP (“E&C” or the “Firm”) has learned that unidentified individuals illegally impersonated Mr. Vincent R. Cappucci, one of the senior partners of our firm, and sent a spoof email to an unknown number of wholly unsuspecting individuals regarding a fictitious divorce proceeding. (See sample email below.) To be clear, this fake email did not come from any email associated with our firm and “ent-law.com” is not affiliated with our Firm. The incident has been reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.

The Firm's Managing Partner Andrew Entwistle observed: "These types of internet scams, illegal impersonations and other forms of cyber crime are happening with alarming frequency. Today's malicious attack is particularly troubling in its use of the emotionally charged issue of divorce as a 'hook' in the spoof email. While most of the calls and emails we received today were from folks who immediately recognized the scam for what it was and called to alert us to the issue, there were several calls from spouses who were extremely upset to receive an email of this kind. We apologize to everyone that received this email and for any inconvenience or distress it may have caused. While the firm itself appears to have been a target, the real victims of this scam are the countless good people that were exposed to this malicious act."

Mr. Entwistle also cautioned that: "While the firm itself was not hacked and its servers and network remains secure, our outside IT consultants advise the email points to a link which will, if opened, expose your computer to a virus. If you receive any other information, please submit it on the FBI Cyber Crime Tip website or to the Cybercrime Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Also, should you receive an email purporting to be from Mr. Cappucci, or any other individual from our firm, with the subject line: “divorce papers,” please do not open the link or attachment."


From: Vincent R. Cappucci [mailto:vcappucci@ent-law.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2017 10:56 AM
To: xxxx@xxxx.com
Subject: RE: divorce papers

My name is Vincent Cappucci and I am a senior partner at ENTWISTLE & CAPPUCCI LLP. Your spouse has contracted me to prepare the divorce papers. Here is the first draft, please contact me as soon as possible:

[Link removed]

Thank you
Vincent R. Cappucci
Senior Partner
Phone: 212-894-5716
Fax: 212-894-8741

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Arthur V. Nealon
Telephone: (212) 894-7200
Facsimile: (212) 894-7272

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Release Summary

The firm has learned that unidentified individuals illegally impersonated a senior partner and sent spoof emails to an unknown number of individuals. The incident has been reported to law enforcement.

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