RealWear’s HMT-1 Voice-Driven, Hands-Free, Head-Mounted Tablet Ships to Pioneer Partners Globally

HMT-1 Leapfrogs Enterprise Wearable Market with a Safer, Faster, Smarter Solution Supporting 10 Languages

MILPITAS, Calif.--()--RealWear today announced it has shipped the first Pioneer units of the HMT-1, the first voice-driven, completely hands-free, head-mounted tablet for connected industrial workers. The RealWear HMT-1 is a new kind of wearable that transcends both enterprise tablets and smart glasses, offering workers the connectivity and hands-free flexibility they require for safer, faster and smarter productivity. RealWear’s Pioneer Program customers, who include more than 60 major industrial enterprises, channel partners, integrators and software solution partners, are the first recipients of the award-winning HMT-1 before its general availability in July 2017.

“The only product that nails the human factors for industrial workers.”

“It’s time to free your hands and put the HMT-1 to work,” said Andy Lowery, CEO, RealWear. “We’re proud to show what the real in RealWear means by delivering the HMT-1 beta units to our Pioneer Program members, just as we promised.” Pioneer members will now test their applications and use cases that they previously evaluated on a developer kit device.

Operated solely through noise-robust voice control and head gestures to completely free industrial workers’ hands, the RealWear HMT-1 provides an enterprise-grade, fully rugged wearable device platform for workers to significantly improve their productivity and enhance their safety in the harsh or loud field and manufacturing environments.

As part of the RealWear Pioneer Program, customers get early access to the HMT-1 hardware to validate that their applications will run hands-free and to commence user pilots. Program members’ insight and feedback contribute to and influence RealWear’s software and solution roadmap – and will enhance the performance of commercial units.

The HMT-1 has been met with industry-wide universal praise:

“RealWear’s HMT-1 is an ambitious step forward for industrial IoT that has the potential to transform how workers do their jobs.” – Andy Timm, CTO, PTC

“The only product that nails the human factors for industrial workers.” – Sam Murley, GE Corporation

“They trained me by simply saying ‘Say what you see,’ 15 seconds later I was off and running.” – Andrew Chrostowski, former president of Scott Safety, a Tyco International company.

We now have a truly ‘Hands-Free’ wearable with the right features and cost-point that we can deploy at scale, in the enterprise. The HMT-1 running our HPE Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) software provides a premium virtual support, collaboration, and training solution for both our internal use and for our IoT and IIoT customer solutions.” – Garry Orsolini, Director of Technology – Education Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“The first real-world product bridging the gap of true mobility and human factors.” – Alexander Rainsberger, Managing Director, Barcotec

“Conducting remote expert collaboration requires a solution that can withstand potentially harsh environments. The HMT-1 provides the rugged wearable design that ensures workers can operate hands-free to troubleshoot, repair and inspect assets with the guidance of remote experts to safely and rapidly respond to issues." – Charlie Neagoy, VP of Business Development, Librestream

“RealWear’s introduction of the head-mounted tablet category is timely, bringing fully rugged performance and competitive pricing into the landscape of Android wearables for industrial use,” said David Krebs, EVP, VDC Research. “Going beyond the smart glasses form factor and focusing on a completely hands-free user interface are important differentiators.”

The award-winning RealWear HMT-1 is designed for skilled technicians and engineers in field service, equipment inspection, maintenance, and complex manufacturing assembly. Its intuitive, hands-free interface allows voice control of existing Android tablet and smartphone apps. Intended for remote video collaboration, technical documentation, industrial IoT data visualization, assembly and maintenance instructions, and streamlined workflow and inspections, the HMT-1 ushers in a new era of productivity for connected industrial workers.

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