Justin Bieber, NBA, Turner Sports, Mashable and over 350 More Influencers Join the BEST VINES EVER Campaign as Voting Begins

Snakt and Tubefilter Bring Back the Vine Community, with Every Vine from Over 400 Top Influencers, More Than 150,000 Videos Total

NEW YORK--()--Tubefilter and Snakt recently launched BEST VINES EVER, a final celebration for the creators, content, and community of Vine. One week later, the Vine community has answered with top pop star Justin Bieber joining over 350 additional influencers and media companies, including the NBA, Turner Sports, Mashable, Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, and Jérôme Jarre, to help bring back every Vine ever from 400 top accounts. Fans can now watch and vote on all of these Vine videos on the Snakt app, with the top BEST VINES EVER being announced at an exclusive award show in April.

“The scope and caliber of creators participating, along with our partnership with Snakt, has allowed us to identify once and for all the best Vines of all time, ever”

“We’ve been astounded by the response we’ve gotten from the Vine creator community,” said Tristan Snell, co-founder of Snakt. “Now with the complete set of Vines from hundreds of the most popular stars, we’re truly bringing back the amazing community of talented creators and devoted fans that made Vine such a special forum.”

The new entrants into the contest were some of the most popular and recognizable on the Vine platform, including:

  • Justin Bieber was one of the most popular celebrities on Vine, with more than 5 million followers and nearly 1 billion loops.
  • The NBA was one of the most visible and watched brands on Vine, with 5,371 posts of basketball highlights racking up over 2.7 billion loops.
  • Mashable was one of Vine’s most popular media accounts, with nearly 400,000 followers.
  • Lele Pons had more views than anyone else on Vine, with over 8.6 billion loops, and the second largest following, with 11.5 million followers.
  • Rudy Mancuso was the third most popular creator on Vine, with over 10.6 million followers; he now has over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Jérôme Jarre was one of Vine’s most instantly recognizable stars with over 8.6 million followers; his YouTube channel now has more than 1 million subscribers.

BEST VINES EVER represents the resurrection of a content community that appeared to be dead, only two months after Twitter shut down Vine. While Twitter archived the videos on Vine’s website, the Vine app no longer functions. As a result, Vine fans have been denied the viewing experience they loved, with its flow of auto-playing, looping videos in a dedicated social app. That experience has now been re-created on Snakt, which launched last November and has quickly developed a following among digital video creators from YouTube, Vine, and teen-focused music video app Musical.ly, along with their fans.

In addition to re-creating the Vine viewing experience, Snakt brings a number of unique features to fans of mobile video. Viewers can reply to any video with videos of their own, and they can use any video on the app to build “stacks” of videos, allowing fans an easy way to build Vine compilation videos, which garnered enormous popularity on YouTube during Vine’s heyday.

“The scope and caliber of creators participating, along with our partnership with Snakt, has allowed us to identify once and for all the best Vines of all time, ever,” said Drew Baldwin, founder and CEO of Tubefilter. “The BEST VINES EVER awards are shaping up to be the be all end all of some of the greatest memes of this decade.”

Anyone who had an account on Vine may enter the contest for free by filling out this form. The deadline for entries is this Friday, March 24. Tubefilter and Snakt are encouraging everyone to enter, regardless of whether they were a star creator on Vine, with a promotional push centered around the hashtag #SaveTheVines.

“We want everyone to be part of this. That’s what #SaveTheVines is about,” Baldwin said. “This is not just about the top stars. It’s about all the creative expression that the Vine community represented. Our goal is to bring that back to life.”


Laura Scott-Bonnick