AFT Holdings Announces Partnership with Australia’s Freedom Foods to Accelerate North American Strategy

SAN DIEGO--()--AFT Holdings, Inc., today announced a new partnership with Freedom Foods Group LTD Australia and the creation of a new entity: Freedom Foods North America, LLC, expanding the Freedom Foods platform into North America. Freedom Foods is the leading functional health cereal, snacks, and beverage producer in Australia and is rapidly building markets into Southeast Asia and China.

“With her experience and unwavering commitment in creation of healthier foods, Ms. Krause is a natural fit for this role”

AFT Holdings is a management group with investments in the healthy living space through its signature investment, Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC, which produces and markets the Loma Linda, Worthington, neat, Caroline’s, and Kaffree Roma brands of shelf stable plant based protein, meal solutions, vegan bakery solutions and beverage products. AFT Holdings will manage back room services for the group, provide strategic guidance to the North America market, and collaborate on possible portfolio expansion through acquisition. Freedom Foods will hold the majority of the new entity.

In support of the venture, Kelly Krause, formerly CEO of Atlantic Natural Foods, will be assuming the newly created role of North America Group Manager of Freedom Foods North America. Krause has more than 10 years of experience building brands; she was an executive with Good Health Natural Foods prior to joining Atlantic Natural Foods. “With her experience and unwavering commitment in creation of healthier foods, Ms. Krause is a natural fit for this role,” said AFT Holdings Chairman and General Partner J. Douglas Hines.

The principals have a historical relationship between the parties dating back to 2004 with the original Paramount transaction. Hines added, “How to create, sustain and grow healthier brands is an ongoing commitment that has developed between ourselves and is a sound mission that will continue to be core to continued expansion of all our food products in the future.”

Freedom Foods plans a new product launch at the Natural Expo West later this week with its new line of Barley+, which introduces a new level of functional cereals and snacks that addresses health, nutrition, and taste. Functional products like these will be the difference in the future and it is the first stage of several initiatives in the partnership. More at

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