Celmatix Announces the Reproductive AtlasTM Project, Aimed at Building the Richest Knowledgebase of Reproductive Potential in the World

Project to bring together academic research centers, physicians, and leaders in biotech to advance population-scale understanding of the intersection of data related to fertility

NEW YORK--()--Celmatix, a next-generation women’s health company, today announced the Reproductive Atlas project, which is aimed at building an unprecedented knowledgebase about human reproductive potential. This database will incorporate biological annotations refined from the peer-reviewed literature with genomic data linked to data about lifestyle, diet, environment, and reproductive outcomes. The project aims to build the first population-scale dataset built for understanding reproductive health, incorporating a diverse cross-section of ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic groups.

Celmatix has been amassing genetic, biological, and clinical data related to fertility for almost a decade, however, most of it has been focused on individuals already affected by reproductive conditions and difficulties. Building the Reproductive Atlas knowledgebase will help us take this data to the next level. We want to ensure that over time, we can deliver the best products possible to a diverse group of women, earlier in their lives before reproductive conditions begin,” stated Celmatix Founder and CEO, Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim, PhD. She continued, “Many other industries, including oncology, have been able to rely on insights generated by academia. However, the field of women’s reproductive health and fertility is one of the lowest funded of all areas of medicine. This project was created to fill that gap by providing a better understanding of the impact of genomics, diet, lifestyle, and environment on all women’s fertility, regardless of known risk factors. We know that genomic data has predictive power, but is rarely destiny on its own. By collaborating with the top scientists, physicians, companies, and institutions who share this passion for progressing reproductive health, we will be able to create a rich knowledgebase for our field to better understand how these genetic and non-genetic factors intersect to impact reproductive health.”

Celmatix will collaborate with a number of research centers and biotech leaders on this initiative. The first new study to launch through the Reproductive Atlas project is with the BioMe™ BioBank Program of the Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

We are thrilled to be participating in this study with Celmatix and to be a collaborator in the Reproductive Atlas project,” stated Amanda Merkelson, MPH, Managing Director of BioMe. “One of the missions of BioMe is to accelerate initiatives like this through linking data that has been shared by patients in the Mount Sinai Health System who are passionate about progressing personalized medicine and genomics. This project, by focusing specifically on a condition as delicate and as pervasive as infertility and potentially impacting all women’s reproductive health, allows Mount Sinai to help further this mission.”

Celmatix will be announcing additional collaborators as part of the Reproductive Atlas project in the coming months.

About Celmatix

Celmatix is a next-generation women’s health company transforming reproductive health care through genomics and big data. Founded in 2009 and based in New York City, Celmatix is disrupting how women approach their lifelong fertility journey by empowering them with more personalized information. The company’s research-driven products include Fertilome, the world’s first comprehensive genetic screen that reveals what a woman's DNA says about her reproductive health, and Polaris, a real-time predictive analytics platform in use at leading fertility clinics across the U.S., which helps physicians optimize patient outcomes and improve the patient experience. For more information, visit www.celmatix.com.


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Celmatix announces the Reproductive Atlas(TM) project, aimed at building the richest knowledgebase of reproductive potential in the world.