The Marconi Group Formed to Create and Support New Patent Licensing Platforms

Following the launch of Avanci, the Marconi Group will create further joint licensing platforms for other industries and technologies

DALLAS--()--Following the positive response to the launch of the Avanci IoT licensing platform in September, there has been a growing interest in transforming the patent licensing process for other technology areas. As a result, today’s announcement of the formation of the Marconi Group sets the groundwork for the creation and support of other premier licensing platforms.

“Ultimately, we’re focused on a better way forward for IP creation and licensing”

Working with industry-leading innovators, the Marconi Group is establishing new platforms that transform patent licensing across different technologies and products. The Marconi Group will provide common services for each new licensing platform, offering legal, finance, human resources, marketing and communications support. While each platform will have a unique scope and be run as its own business, many common service elements will be provided by the Marconi Group, freeing each platform to focus on patent licensing.

“The pace of technology change is moving faster than ever and will only continue to accelerate, so it’s critical that the intellectual property infrastructure also looks ahead with a focus on opportunity and improvement,” said Kasim Alfalahi, co-founder of the Marconi Group. “This model provides a better way to share patented technology in today’s world, within a system based on trust and on fair and reasonable licensing. This is the reason we’ve been able to attract the brightest minds from across the technology licensing spectrum.”

“Ultimately, we’re focused on a better way forward for IP creation and licensing,” said Les Ware, co-founder of the Marconi Group. “Being part of the bigger ecosystem allows us to become more efficient, collaborate more effectively and reduce transactional cost for our licensees.”

The Marconi Group is led by a team of experienced leaders in nearly every facet of the information and communications technology industries and in patent licensing. Kasim joins the Marconi Group after more than 20 years with Ericsson, bringing a vision of simplifying patent licensing and incentivizing innovation; he will lead Marconi Group in a dual role, also serving as CEO of Avanci. Les brings more than 20 years of analyzing, evaluating and monetizing intellectual property portfolios for corporations, partnerships and individuals.

IP leaders formerly with many of the world’s top technology innovators are now part of the Marconi Group, including Kirk Dailey from Google, Eric Reifschneider from Qualcomm, Fred Telecky from Texas Instruments and Thomas Miller from Lenovo. These leaders will be responsible for creating, establishing and in some cases leading the new patent licensing platforms for the Marconi Group.

About The Marconi Group

The Marconi Group provides a better way to share patented technology, and has a vision of transforming the fundamentals of patent licensing. We will create and support premier licensing platforms with the goal of simplifying patent licensing across new and existing technologies and product areas, creating value and bringing products to market faster and more efficiently. This ensures continued investments in innovation and provides an efficient exchange to bring those innovations to market, reducing risks and costs. We also provide ongoing critical support to each of our platforms, including legal, finance, human resources, marketing and communications. Established in 2017, The Marconi Group is headquartered in Dallas. For more information about Marconi Group, please visit


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