Revere Healthcare Solutions Inc. Releases a 3-Year Assessment of Its Employer Based Primary and Preventive Healthcare Program

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan.--()--Revere Healthcare Solutions Inc. (RHS) delivers an integrated and outcome and data driven preventive healthcare program directly to employers' workforces at onsite or near-site clinics.

“A 3-Year assessment of the RHS Program’s impact on a population of 790 adult individuals”

RHS is releasing “A 3-Year assessment of the RHS Program’s impact on a population of 790 adult individuals;” the assessment can be found on the Research & Resources page of RHS’ corporate website ( The assessment has tracked the evolution of the health risk profile of 790 adult individuals, employees and spouses at four different employers, who have participated in four consecutive annual HRAs and biometric screenings and in a comprehensive onsite or near-site primary and preventive healthcare program.

The assessment has been performed in order to evaluate results achieved by “repeat participants,” rather than “employers’ populations,” as is more typical of assessments of this kind.

RHS was founded in March 2015. Soon after it acquired the intellectual property owned by a company in liquidation, which had designed and delivered an onsite clinic based, employer focused primary and preventive healthcare program for more than two decades. Such intellectual property included a large amount of data related to the outcomes and health risk improvements achieved across several employers. RHS has invested significant resources to analyze such data, and to build, around such data, a comprehensive analytical platform capable of disaggregating results along each risk factor.

To get an accurate view of the impact of our program, RHS’ effort has been directed towards eliminating the inherent “statistical noise” generated within most studies and reports on employer based healthcare programs by analyzing an “employer’s population” rather than “repeat participants.” Because an employer’s population health risk profile can be significantly affected by turnover, it can appear at first glance that employees’ health risk profile is improving when it is only benefiting from a decreasing average age of their workforce. By focusing solely on “repeat participants,” RHS’ research analyzes a pool of individuals, which not only does not benefit from turnover, but that, because of age, is each year inherently riskier (from an actuarial perspective) than the year before. While the RHS program is designed to consistently evolve and adapt to individual clients’ needs and as such, has already evolved from the program delivered in the course of the assessment, the study provides strong evidence that the architecture of the RHS program (analytical and inter-disciplinary approach to prevention, combining primary healthcare with an emphasis on nutritional counseling and fitness) can generate very significant benefits. In fact, over a three-year period on average across the four employers the low health risk category, as a percentage of the entire population, increased from 33% to 40%, with, conversely, a reduction in the high-risk category from 41% to 36%. And, the repeat participant population showed significant improvements in blood pressure, glucose levels, and cholesterol to HDL ratios, as seen in the study.

In January 2017 RHS has completed its management team with the addition of Dr. Terry Hunsberger, DO as Medical Director and Ms. Sherrie Graham as Chief Compliance Officer.

“Our company’s growth and disciplined cost structure has allowed RHS to attract two talented and experienced professionals as Dr. Hunsberger and Ms. Graham. With their addition, RHS has completed the first phase of its development. We now have in place the corporate infrastructure and access to capital that allow us, on one side to compete nationwide as a stand-alone healthcare company and on the other, to partner with larger, established companies operating in adjacent healthcare markets and seeking to have a more flexible, lean, and entrepreneurial approach to the employer based healthcare niche. Our proposition to employers large and small is very simple: RHS can provide clinical excellence, and a unique combination of capital, quantitative modeling, and cost management expertise to drive employers’ healthcare costs down and to offer for their employees access to quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare,” commented Mr. Carmine Di Palo, RHS Chairman and CEO of RHS and Managing Partner of Revere Partners LLC, RHS’ controlling shareholder.

As reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation’ 2017 Annual Survey on Employer Health Benefits, among employers with at least 50 employees offering health benefits, five percent provide health services through an on-site health clinic in at least one of their major locations.

“RHS’ 3-Year assessment represents further evidence of the significant health benefits that a structured allocation of employers’ healthcare budgets to convenient, preventive healthcare can deliver to employees and family members. When such benefits are translated into financial terms and combined with the lower prices associated with the direct purchase of primary care, workers’ compensation and occupational medicine from a lean and cost disciplined provider like RHS, the implied cost savings achieved by an employer adopting RHS’ comprehensive, onsite clinic based strategy have far exceeded the associated cost. The opportunity for direct, employer based healthcare providers with strong leadership to make a difference by enhancing efficiency and improving outcomes is very large,” concluded Mr. Di Palo.

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