UEC has started the second stage of the new generation PD-14 civil aero engine's flight tests

MOSCOW--()--The Russian United Engine Corporation (UEC, the integrated structure uniting all major Russian gas turbine engine developers and manufacturers) has started the second stage of the flight tests of the brand-new civil turbofan engine PD-14.

PD-14 is a fifth generation base engine, which is being created by the UEC for the purpose of powering the Russian MC-21 airliner. The most up-to-date technologies and materials, including the composites, are in use. This is the first completely Russian engine for the civil airliners, created in Russia during the last decades.

The PD-14 flight tests are conducted at the Flight Research Institute named after M.M.Gromov in Zhukovsky (Moscow region).

«The start of the second stage of PD-14's flight tests of the PD-14 engine – is a significant event for all Russian aviation industry, - says the Director General of the UEC Alexander Artyukhov. – We are confident, that the PD-14, being an example of the last achievements of the Russian aero engine industry, will confirm its high properties».

During 2015-2016 the first stage of the flight tests was successfully performed at the Flight Research Institute. The works were performed with the operational limitations being in place. The second stage of the flight tests has been planned with taking into account the abolition of the limitations regarding the engine's thrust ratings and with provision for the high altitude engine starts. The performance of the PD-14 engine will be tested at all speeds, altitudes and thrust ratings.

The UEC to date has manufactured 11 PD-14 test engines.

The UEC (part of the Rostec state corporation) is an integrated structure specializing in the development, serial production and service maintenance of engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and the navy, as well for the oil and gas industry and energetics. One of the priority directions for the UEC is the realization of the complex programs of the engine sector companies development including the introduction of the new technologies corresponding to the international standards.


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