Serverless, Inc. Nets $3M to Radically Simplify Cloud Infrastructure

Trinity Ventures leads round to expand the most widely adopted application framework for building serverless architectures; Gains momentum with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Serverless, Inc., creators of the Serverless Framework, which enables companies to build web, mobile and IoT applications comprised of cloud services that scale automatically, has secured $3 million in seed funding led by Trinity Ventures. The funds will further Serverless’ mission to help its users spend less time operating complex infrastructure and more time delivering results.

“We are proud early backers of Docker and we believe that what Docker has done for containers, Serverless will do for event-driven computing.”

In addition, Serverless, Inc. has brought Serverless Framework V1.0 out of beta. The Framework’s beta has seen massive interest from the open-source community and has racked up more than 11,000 GitHub stars in one year. It leverages new, event-driven compute services, like Amazon Web Services’ Lambda, to deploy applications that scale continuously and bill their owner only when they run. After being tested by hundreds of startup and enterprise companies, the Serverless Framework is ready for production.

“These are fast-moving times. The operational and opportunity costs of maintaining complex systems is increasing,” said Austen Collins, Founder and CEO at Serverless, Inc. “The Serverless Framework is for building software with an extremely low total cost of ownership. That specific focus is what everyone is enthusiastic about.”

The Serverless Framework’s capacity to deliver more efficient applications has drawn a variety of use-cases, including data-processing pipelines that process billions of events and power back-ends of high-profile websites for the likes of artist David Guetta that need to handle large, variable amounts of traffic. The Framework has also attracted startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

“The Serverless Framework is a core component of The Coca-Cola Company's initiative to reduce IT operational costs and deploy services faster,” said Patrick Brandt, Solutions Architect at The Coca-Cola Company.

Next, Serverless, Inc. will focus on supporting more cloud services in the Serverless Framework from the other major cloud providers, like Google, Azure and IBM, offering more choice, functionality and efficiency for its users.

“This space is exploding and Serverless is perfectly positioned to capitalize as companies look for ways to be cost efficient and competitive,” said Dan Scholnick, General Partner at Trinity Ventures. “We are proud early backers of Docker and we believe that what Docker has done for containers, Serverless will do for event-driven computing."

About Serverless, Inc.

Serverless, Inc. builds developer tools for the future of event-driven serverless infrastructure. In June 2015 we began building the world’s first serverless application framework enabling developers to build web, mobile, and IoT applications exclusively on event-driven compute services like AWS Lambda. Learn more at or follow Serverless on Twitter @goserverless.


Casey Shultz