New Study Reveals Growing Small Business Sector Fertile Ground for Advancements in Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Technologies

WAUSAU Financial Systems commissions survey from Celent that reveals how banks can better meet US small business needs

SHOREVIEW, Minn.--()--A new survey commissioned by WAUSAU Financial Systems, Inc., a Deluxe Corporation company, shows an emerging and diverse small business market for business mobile deposit. Conducted by Celent, the survey of 400 U.S. small business owners highlights their desire for efficient, low-cost mobile deposit options.

“Traditional desktop RDC is just not cost effective for small businesses that only take in a handful of checks a week”

The study shows that small businesses across the country continue to receive checks from customers and vendors for goods and services. The number of checks a business receives varies by the size of the business, with micro-businesses averaging roughly two checks per day, and medium-sized businesses with physical locations receiving up to 6.5 checks per day. Others, with online and physical storefronts can average up to nine checks per day.

Currently, desktop Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solutions are the norm for mid-sized to large businesses. Desktop RDC works best for companies that receive and process numerous checks per day, saving on the cost of daily trips to their local bank branch. Yet for many small businesses, this solution isn’t cost-effective.

The WAUSAU commissioned study shows that small business owners are looking for convenience and cost savings in their banking relationships. Fewer trips to the local branch and affordable options for RDC can help small business owners spend more time with their customers and grow their business.

“Traditional desktop RDC is just not cost effective for small businesses that only take in a handful of checks a week,” explained Gary Cawthorne, president of WAUSAU Financial Systems. “Our business mobile RDC solution is more aligned with traditional photo deposit options. Small business owners utilize their smartphones for personal deposits, so this is a natural area of growth for our business.”

WAUSAU specializes in RDC solutions, including Business Mobile Deposit, which offers functionality that matters to small businesses such as the ability to deposit multiple checks in a single transition, integrate to their accounting software and capture additional documentation such as invoices and contracts along with their checks, all from the convenience of their smartphone. In the Celent study, lead researcher Bob Meara points out that the growing small business market is an attractive target for the banking community.

“Offering small business customers a convenient way to migrate time-consuming branch transactions to self-service opportunities contributes to cementing profitable relationships,” Meara said. “Business Mobile Deposit can be another tool for banks in providing value added products for the small businesses in their community.”

According to the US Census Bureau’s 2012 Survey of Small Businesses, there are more than 27 million small businesses in the US. Just over 12.5 million small businesses have annual revenues of more than $25,000, indicating a fertile environment for Business Mobile RDC growth.

“The root of the problem is that most financial institutions do not offer an RDC solution tailored to the unique requirements of small businesses,” Cawthorne said. “At WAUSAU we have developed a mobile RDC solution that serves this need, and at a cost-effective entry point.”

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A new survey commissioned by WAUSAU Financial Systems, Inc., a Deluxe Corporation company, shows an emerging and diverse small business market for business mobile deposit.