West Coast Terminals Shelve Chassis Fee but Affirm Right to Compensation for Services

LONG BEACH, Calif.--()--The West Coast MTO Agreement (WCMTOA) today announced it has shelved plans to introduce a chassis services fee, as individual marine terminals negotiate directly with chassis leasing companies over hosting agreements.

WCMTOA’s member terminals affirm their right to seek compensation for the costly services they provide to chassis leasing companies at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It costs terminals more than $200,000 per acre per year to lease land from the ports, and the terminals each have many acres stacked with chassis. This land could otherwise generate income for terminals by letting them process more containers, and would also let them manage containers more efficiently. Terminals have also been covering the cost of ILWU labor needed to stack, unstack and move the chassis, and the cost of the personnel, hardware and software needed to provide chassis usage data to the leasing companies.

In June, after two years of providing chassis management and storage to the leasing companies without reimbursement, WCMTOA announced a chassis services fee applying to chassis owners that receive services from WCMTOA’s marine terminal members. Since then, negotiations between individual terminals and some of the leasing companies have moved forward.

The leasing companies on Aug. 9 filed a Petition for an Order to Show Cause with the Federal Maritime Commission, seeking to avoid paying for the services they receive. The FMC on Aug. 16 asked interested parties to submit their views or arguments related to the Petition by Aug. 26. While it has shelved plans for the fee, WCMTOA intends to vigorously defend its position in its response to the Petition. WCMTOA members strongly believe the chassis owners must be responsible for covering the land, labor and technology costs the terminals incur on their behalf.

The West Coast MTO Agreement is filed with the Federal Maritime Commission, and comprises the 13 marine terminal operators serving the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.


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The West Coast MTO Agreement (WCMTOA) has shelved plans for a chassis services fee, as individual terminals negotiate directly with chassis leasing companies for hosting agreements.