mCordis Releases The Connected Marketer Approach to Marketing

Connected marketing, a new approach to marketing for servicing the connected individual

SAN FRANCISCO--()--mCordis, the strategic mobile and connected marketing education and advisory services company, announced today the launch of a new thought leadership positioning for marketing 'The Connected Marketer.' The Connected Marketer is a new approach to marketing that merges and synchronizes physical, digital and sensorial experiences to create stronger emotional connections between brands and individuals.

“The practice of marketing is changing before our very eyes”

The Connected Marketer approach is not rooted solely in technology, or digital services. The Connected Marketer must learn to manage the four human dimensions within their products and services--physical, digital, sensorial and emotional, as well as learn to master the seven layers of connectivity: connection, collection, monitoring, analysis, production, synchronization and real-time services.

“The practice of marketing is changing before our very eyes,” said Michael Becker, co-founder & managing partner of mCordis. “As people become more connected, marketers are recognizing that their traditional media efforts are becoming less efficient, less effective. Individual’s expectations of what they want from businesses, from marketers, is changing. People are looking for highly personalized, real time, contextually relevant products, services and experiences, from companies, from marketers, on their terms.”

The Connected Marketer approach sees marketing as a holistic practice that focuses on: 1) understanding the people we serve, 2) connecting, engaging, influencing and nurturing the interactions we have with them, 3) reducing friction in an individual’s life and 4) being of services, making value for individuals, not from them.

“We have created as an ‘open source thought leadership’ resource and ideas bank,” said Paul Berney, co-founder & managing partner of mCordis. “We want this to be developed with contributions not just from us, but from the community it will support. This community will be built by marketers, for marketers, seeking to help refine and expand The Connected Marketing approach and for solution providers who make the connected marketing experience come to life. For this reason, we are inviting our clients and industry leaders and experts to contribute their thoughts on what being a connected marketer means to them and to share examples of how to execute and apply connected marketing to achieve business success.”

mCordis will be hosting the first annual Rise of The Connected Marketer event and Awards program in The Silicon Valley Q4, 2016. Click here to receive future updates and to get involved. Also, mCordis will be curating all of the best contributions to The Connected Marketer site over the coming months and publish a book on ‘The Rise of The Connected Marketer’ in early 2017. Visit to contribute your ideas.

About mCordis

mCordis is a strategic mobile and connected marketing advisory and educational marketing services company with offices in London and San Francisco. The company advises executive teams and marketers on the rapidly changing landscape of marketing and how to place connected marketing at the heart of their marketing efforts. It works with MarTech vendors on proposition development and how to bring their offerings to market through educational marketing. In addition, mCordis offers a series of public and private workshops on mobile and connected marketing, including the mCordis Professional Qualification in Mobile & Connected Marketing. mCordis is an on faculty for Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the Path-to-Purchase Institute and National University. The Connected Marketer™ is a trade marketed term owned by mCordis Inc.


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