ERI’s John Shegerian Points to America’s Toxic Electronic Waste Trade as the “Shame of America”

NEW YORK--()--Citing a recent US News & World Report article titled “America’s Toxic Electronic Waste Trade,” John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste, called the practice of exporting electronics a serious environmental hazard and irresponsible short cut that leads to a number of serious problems ranging from human rights to digital security.

“Kudos to US News & World Report for shedding light on this important issue”

The article notes that the United States is the only developed nation in the world today that does not ban exports of toxic discarded electronics. Improperly dumping electronics abroad is dangerous because of the toxic materials in the discarded gadgets like lead, cadmium and mercury, which can seep into soil and groundwater, contaminate the air if they are burned or poison people handling them.

“With current technological innovations, there is very fast turnover when it comes to computers, laptops and other electronic devices,” Shegerian said. “Responsibly recycling all old and unwanted items here in the United States, is crucial. Because we don’t know what happens to the electronic items that are unethically shipped abroad, our safety, digital security, environment and the reliability and legitimacy of newly made devices all rest in the balance of us recycling the right way.

“Kudos to US News & World Report for shedding light on this important issue,” added Shegerian. “The fact that many so-called recyclers continue to ship their e-waste to third world countries for inadequate processing instead of responsibly recycling domestically is a huge problem that’s getting worse. At this point, it’s truly the shame of America. Something significant needs to happen at the federal government level to stop this now.”

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ERI's John Shegerian thanks US News & World Report for covering the mounting issue of e-waste exportation and calls it a serious problem.

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