Aceso’s eCareBoard® Revolutionizes Hospital Dry Erase White Board

Eliminates manual documentation process for Clinicians

BOSTON--()--Aceso®, the leading provider of healthcare based patient engagement solutions, is proud to officially launch its eCareBoard® “eCB” suite of products to the industry. eCareBoard functions in hospital patient care rooms enabling the communication of key information from other technologies to the patient, family and caregivers. Aceso offers this as a turnkey solution in conjunction with Smart TV platforms such as LG.

Traditional dry erase whiteboards generally require manual entry from clinicians multiple times throughout the day. eCB solves this problem by displaying and updating information from other sources in real-time in easy to understand formats, customized to each patient population. The system integrates data from a variety of systems such as the electronic health record, ADT, dietary, nurse communications, staff directories and more.

The system intelligently maps complicated clinical nomenclature to easily understandable plain language and human centered terminology. These features streamline clinical workflow by eliminating dual entry of data, thereby reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the quality of information shared with the patient. eCB helps improve hospital staff communication and regulatory compliance through its icon display feature, which provides the clinician and hospital staff with patient-specific visual prompts pertaining to their need or condition.

Patient populations have different communication needs and workflows; therefore, eCareBoard is branded to each customer, service line and unit. Clients have the ability to customize the location of the data fields, graphics and icons to consistently reflect any hospital initiatives. Hospitals can also select a templated configuration that meets their requirements based on the wide variety of specialties. Aceso is the first to offer the following specialized eCareBoard products:

  • eCB-Med Surg
  • eCB-Post Acute


  • eCB-Oncology
  • eCB-Critical Care



  • eCB-Pediatric
  • eCB-Orthopedic


  • eCB-ED
  • eCB-Woman’s Health


Patients and family members can communicate directly with the eCB by downloading an app to their mobile device, providing them with the ability to bidirectional message to their nurses or doctors. Patients can use this tool to document top-of-mind questions and concerns, which immediately displays on the eCB, allowing the clinicians to use this information as part of their visit/consult.

eCB is fully integrated with LG’s Smart TV platform, eliminating the need for any technology in the patient room. Aceso has successfully implemented eCB at hospitals with GE, HMS, Epic and Cerner, which are accepting reference visits.

Aceso, (Uh-kesso) is transforming the patient, guest and clinician experience in healthcare. Aceso is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and offers patient centric solutions; UpCare™, eCareBoard™, and Hospital Television Network, (HTV) all designed to engage, educate and entertain patients in their healthcare journey. Aceso’s open, enterprise wide technology architecture is powered by UpTech™ which enables healthcare organizations to interoperate with current technology footprints. Our approach is to cohesively enhance the patient experience, increase patient satisfaction scores, optimize clinician workflow and increase communication. Aceso’s clients are the largest and most prestigious health systems in the United States. Please visit for more information.


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