20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” To Sponsor Commercial-Free Episodes Of “The X-Files” on FOX NOW

Starting January 25, each installment of the six-episode “The X-Files” event series will give viewers a choice to skip all commercial breaks by interacting with a branded experience from the highly anticipated 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment movie.

NEW YORK--()--Here’s some great news for fans of “The X-Files” who “want to believe” in a better on-demand viewing experience: Thanks to a sponsorship from the forthcoming 20th Century Fox film “Deadpool,” viewers will be able to enjoy the hotly anticipated 6-episode reboot of FOX’s beloved science fiction show on FOX NOW without commercial interruptions. They will be offered a choice to interact with a 60-second “Deadpool” experience before an episode in order to opt-out of all additional commercial breaks that would normally air.

“This is an amazing fit for fans of ‘The X-Files,’”

The partnership, which will debut January 25th on FOX NOW, is a follow-up to a similar campaign that launched on FOX NOW last year with “MasterChef Jr.” Like that campaign, the “Deadpool” commercial-free viewing is powered by Fox Networks Group’s true[X], whose technology enables brands to create advertising experiences that are 100% viewable and 100% bot-free, in addition to letting them give consumers the power to reduce their ad load.

“This is an amazing fit for fans of ‘The X-Files,’” said Alex Van Camp, VP of West Coast sales at true[X]. “They’re likely excited for ‘Deadpool,’ too, and the interactive experience will get them even more pumped...while making it possible to eliminate commercial breaks in these new ‘X-Files’ episodes.”

The “Deadpool” ad unit shows a 30-second trailer for the film, which stars Ryan Reynolds and hits U.S. theaters on February 12. Viewers will then be invited to interact with a set of “playing cards” that feature background on each of the film’s main characters; after 30 seconds of interaction, they can move on to watch the full uninterrupted episode of “The X-Files,” or can choose to interact further or share the “Deadpool” content through social media channels.

“This is a spectacular and innovative approach to advertising that is becoming the new standard for delivering quality content to consumers in an on-demand world,” said Marc Weinstock, President of Domestic Theatrical Marketing, at 20th Century Fox. “We’re excited to be bringing ‘Deadpool’ to viewers of ‘The X-Files’ in this way.”

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