Veteran Educator Trenton Goble Unveils New Education Book: Reclaiming the Classroom

Book Details the Demise of Teacher Autonomy in the Classroom and How It Can Be Re-Won

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Veteran educator Trenton Goble today announced the release of his book Reclaiming the Classroom: How America’s Teachers Lost Control of Education and How They Can Get It Back.

“In my 20 years as an educator, I know how vital and individual teaching is. It’s a series of complex human events that defy standardization”

The book highlights public education’s shift from student learning to high-stakes testing, driven by a bureaucratic agenda, and how that pendulum can swing back with deliberate effort from teachers and administrators alike. Goble’s insights come from his seasoned and award-winning career in public education as both teacher and administrator, and demonstrate a nuanced and profound solution to restoring the classroom to a purely teacher-student interaction.

“In my 20 years as an educator, I know how vital and individual teaching is. It’s a series of complex human events that defy standardization,” said Goble. “Because of teaching’s complexities, teachers must have ownership of their students’ performance and progress in their classrooms. However, much of this autonomy has been diminished by legislative meddling and federal and state testing mandates. Reclaiming the Classroom addresses these problems by offering a path back to instruction conducted and championed by our educators.”

Reclaiming the Classroom illustrates society’s journey from trust to fear of educators, and shows how independence and respect can be reinstated. The underlying message of Goble's book includes three methods for teachers to reclaim ownership through mastery-based learning:

  • Identify student levels of readiness and understanding
  • Target students for any needed intervention
  • Self-evaluate instructional practice

With these steps in mind, teachers can once again lead classroom innovation and instruction and change the trajectory of K–12 education for the better.

“Goble presents the case for teachers taking back their professional real estate — the classroom. He proposes actionable ideas for teachers to improve their own effectiveness and for principals to more fully support their work. If you’re an educator, this book is for you,” said Mary Bailey, the 2016 Utah High School Principal of the Year.

In a relatable tone only achieved by an accomplished teacher, Reclaiming the Classroom offers distinct solutions to recovering teacher autonomy in the classroom where no magic-bullet answers can be found. Goble shows that rather than being the problem in modern education, teachers and their deep influence on student learning are indeed the solution.

Reclaiming the Classroom is available to purchase on and at

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About Trenton Goble

Trenton Goble is the co-founder and chief learning officer at MasteryConnect. He spent 20 years in Utah as a teacher, principal and district administrator. Goble and his team travel the country working with teachers and administrators to implement mastery-based learning and advocate for those who do the important work of educating our children.


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