Amerio Law Firm Files Federal Lawsuit in Chico Police Beating of Sean Reardon

Complaint Alleges Chico Police Officers Brutally Violated Reardon’s Constitutional Rights

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--()--Amerio Law Firm has filed federal lawsuit in the Eastern District Court on behalf of Sean Reardon, a Chico man who was brutally clubbed, choked and beaten by at least three Chico police officers. The complaint alleges that the police officers violated Reardon’s constitutional rights during the beating. Dozens of people witnessed the unprovoked police beating, including one witness who captured a video on a cell phone. Witnesses say they were physically sickened by the officers’ actions and had trouble sleeping for weeks.

“there’s not a single bruise on his body”

The video speaks for itself. It demonstrates an excessive and brutal use of force, and a nauseating lack of restraint by Chico police officers in dealing with Mr. Reardon,” said Ashley Amerio, the attorney representing Reardon in the lawsuit. “This man was losing consciousness, unable to breathe, unable to yell for help, unable to move, yet they continued beating him with a baton. This is an obliteration of Mr. Reardon’s constitutional rights and we must make a crystal clear statement that these types of police beatings will not be accepted or tolerated.”

According to witnesses, the beating lasted approximately 10 minutes, included an estimated 25-45 baton strikes up and down the front and back of his body, a rear choke hold, and multiple knees to the ribs. After the beating, Reardon was placed in handcuffs face-down, further restricting his breathing and medical attention was not summoned, despite cries for help. When he was finally transported to a hospital, Reardon was in respiratory failure, a breathing tube was inserted, and he was put into a medically induced coma. Reardon remained in the Intensive Care Unit for a number of days where he was isolated from family and friends by police.

As part of the lawsuit, Reardon is also out to prove that Chico police officers intentionally acted with disdain and prejudice following his beating. Reardon’s family states that a Chico Police Captain assured the family “there’s not a single bruise on his body,” despite hospital pictures showing otherwise. Superior Officers publicly commended the responding officers for “showing restraint”, prior to any internal departmental investigation. Reardon and his attorney assert that some police reports were not written until after complaints were filed against the officers.

“In plain view of Mr. Reardon, his family or other concerned citizens, the Chico Police Department demonstrated systemic arrogance and an utter disregard for justice. That pattern continues to this date,” continued Amerio. “There has been absolutely zero cooperation from the City of Chico, the Chico Police Department or any defendant related to this case.”

All defendants named in the case now have 30 days to respond to the federal lawsuit.

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Amerio Law Firm has filed a federal lawsuit in the Eastern District Court on behalf of Sean Reardon, a Chico man who was brutally clubbed, choked and beaten by at least three Chico police officers.

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