TigerText Eliminates Outdated Pager And Fax Technology, Bringing Hospital Communications Into The 21st Century

New TigerPage and TigerFax frees users from inefficient, unsecure forms of communication in healthcare

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--TigerText, the leader in secure, real-time messaging, today moved to root out outdated technology of pagers and fax machines once and for all by introducing two new solutions – TigerPage and TigerFax. These two products allow users to receive and respond instantly to pages and faxes from their smartphone, in a secure, highly efficient, and HIPAA-compliant way.

“Pagers and fax machines are 30 years past their prime, and yet they are still widely used in thousands of hospitals across the U.S.”

“Pagers and fax machines are 30 years past their prime, and yet they are still widely used in thousands of hospitals across the U.S.,” said Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO and Co-Founder. “These outdated tools slow the delivery of patient care and cost organizations billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. With TigerPage and TigerFax, our goal is to eliminate these devices altogether by leveraging our secure messaging platform to provide a smarter, more efficient and integrated way to communicate. We are intent on transforming healthcare communication and thus feel strongly that the first step is to get rid of these outdated technologies. As part of this effort we are also targeting other developers to leverage our TigerConnect API platform, to help them build solutions to replace faxing and paging. Healthcare remains the last bastion in corporate America that still relies on almost 2 million pagers which are inefficient and slow down delivery of care.”

TigerPage: Helping Hospitals Turn the Page(r)
With TigerPage, healthcare workers can get a pager number issued directly from TigerText, where users can leave a voice message or call back number which is then securely delivered to the recipient’s TigerText inbox. Users eliminate carrying a pager and a phone, maintain their cell phone number’s privacy, and benefit from the improved reliability and accountability of today’s smartphones. "TigerPage replaced our previous paging mode of communication of non-secure data-only SMS text devices. With TigerPage, our communications with floor staff have significantly improved since they can leave their callback number or a voice message, and they can provide patient information in a secure environment,” said Mersadies Wright, Vascular Access Manager at MultiCare Health System in Tacoma, Wash. “Moreover with sent, delivered, and read receipts, TigerText has improved our ease of communications with hospital providers."

Important benefits include:

  • Workers need only one device
  • Faster access to pages on your smartphone
  • Voice pages automatically transcribed to text
  • Direct-dial phone numbers for one-click callback
  • Unique pager numbers issued to protect doctors’ mobile phone number privacy

TigerFax: Saving Time...And Trees
With TigerFax, faxes can be sent and received right from the TigerText app. Faxes can be routed to individuals or groups, and the status indicator confirms delivery. TigerFax supports a range of file types, including PDF, plain text, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Important benefits include:

  • Data is encrypted for compliance purposes
  • Less wasted ink and paper (and fewer printer jams)
  • No need to wait at a fax machine for a receipt

Both TigerPage and TigerFax are available to TigerText users as well as TigerConnect developers.

About TigerText
TigerText is the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise. TigerText’s encrypted messaging platform keeps communications safe, improves workflows, and complies with industry regulations. Developed to address the security needs, BYOD policies, and message restrictions in the enterprise, TigerText is committed to keeping mobile communications secure, private and impermanent. Rated by KLAS as the most widely adopted solution, more than 5,000 facilities and four of the top five largest for-profit health systems in the nation, including Universal Health Services and Community Health Systems, rely on TigerText to comply with HIPAA and replace unsecured SMS text messaging that leaves protected health and other confidential information at risk. For more information visit www.linkedin.com/company/tigertext, www.facebook.com/tigertext, or www.twitter.com/tigertext.


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