Arosa Investment Management Urges Shareholders to Reject Datatrak’s Shameless Entrenchment Actions by Voting Again for Arosa’s Director Nominees

CHICAGO--()--Arosa Investment Management LLC, the beneficial owner of approximately 9.9% of the shares of Datatrak International, Inc. (OTC: DTRK) that launched a proxy contest and obtained the most votes for Datatrak’s 2015 Annual Meeting, urges Datatrak shareholders to reject Datatrak’s shameless entrenchment actions by voting again for Arosa’s highly qualified director nominees.

Datatrak abruptly postponed its Annual Meeting only one day before the scheduled meeting date of November 11, 2015 to avoid having to honor the shareholder vote in favor of Arosa’s director nominees. Arosa has filed litigation against Datatrak and its directors to enforce the results of that vote.

The Datatrak board took the further step of appointing a new and additional director to the board, without a shareholder vote, on the very day the Annual Meeting should have been held. Even worse, although Datatrak advertises Andrew T. Pitler as a “new independent director,” Pitler apparently has no prior public company board experience and is a long time close friend and confidant of Chairman/CEO Larry Birch. Pitler will replace another of Birch’s cronies—a convicted felon—on the Datatrak board. Arosa’s litigation against Datatrak and its directors seeks to have this shameless appointment rescinded.

Datatrak is now trying to call and hold a purported Annual Meeting on December 30, 2015, with little advance notice to shareholders in an apparent attempt to steal the election. Datatrak is mailing its proxy statement and proxy card to shareholders today.

Arosa urges shareholders to discard Datatrak’s proxy card and wait to vote for Arosa’s director nominees on the proxy card that will be mailed by Arosa in the next few days. Shareholders should not vote “withhold” on management’s proxy card but should simply discard it.

Shareholders should not be misled by Datatrak’s phony lawsuit against Arosa. Instead, we encourage shareholders to review Datatrak’s lawsuit and our answer and counterclaims, which can be found on the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts website and which we will make available to shareholders. Datatrak’s lawsuit seeks to blame Arosa for documents publicly filed by Chairman/CEO Larry Birch himself and which include details regarding what many credible sources have said is Birch’s own personal misconduct, including relating to Datatrak.

Arosa believes that shareholders should reject Datatrak’s shameless and self-serving entrenchment actions that violate fundamental shareholder rights. Arosa believes that Datatrak’s recent actions, which are far outside the bounds of normal corporate governance, are further examples of the long history of poor corporate governance at Datatrak. Arosa believes that these actions demonstrate exactly why the Datatrak board is in urgent need of change.

Arosa asks shareholders to again return a vote in favor of Arosa’s director nominees by voting on the proxy card that will be sent to shareholders by Arosa in the next few days. Arosa does not intend to drop its lawsuit against Datatrak and its directors to enforce the prior shareholder vote in its favor, but will continue to fight Datatrak’s shameless and appalling entrenchment actions in every forum necessary to prevail for shareholders.


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