Life Changes Canada Inc.: Fentanyl Addict Cleans up and Opens Drug Rehab

Fentanyl Addiction conquered
Chris Fagan's Story

CALEDON, Ontario--()--Everyone knows addictions can be very difficult to conquer. This is no truer for anyone than those that become addicted to Fentanyl. Designed to treat chronic pain, Fentanyl is a highly addictive opioid, up to 20 times more powerful than heroin; that’s often prescribed in slow-release patches. Though few do go on to beat this addiction by themselves, some people struggle with this terrible addiction with a feeling of no way out. A wonderful example of such willpower, dedication and drive is a gentleman by the name of Christopher J. Fagan.

Between 1998 through to 2006 Chris was a well known business man in Ottawa, Canada, Puerto Rico as well as Florida. He ran and owned many successful nightclubs and restaurants and was very successful during this time. He decided to sell all of his businesses to various buyers.

A year after, his life changed forever. While on vacation in the U.S., he was in a very serious car accident. Chris was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. He then spent the next 13 weeks in the hospital where he was later diagnosed with brain injuries that he would have to live with for the rest of his life.

After he was released from the hospital with this diagnosis, he was on a flight back from the U.S. to his hometown of Ottawa, Canada. The flight had a layover in Chicago. During this layover Chris had a severe headache. This headache was like no other he had ever experienced before. He was suffering in so much pain from this that it caused him to pass out. The Airport officials called the ambulance and after an hour of them monitoring his vitals they cleared him and told him he was safe to travel until he got back to his hometown.

Once he arrived, he was then admitted to the hospital in Ontario. This would be the turning point in Chris's battle with Fentanyl. The Doctor on duty ordered the nurse to give Chris a Fentanyl IV. It should be noted that this is the first time that Chris had ever had Fentanyl. No one realized how powerful it would be for him. Before he left the hospital the doctor on duty prescribed him a 12mcg Fentanyl patch. This patch was meant to help keep his headaches under control and it was to be changed every three days. This was the beginning of Chris's Fentanyl Addiction.

As time passed, Chris became immune to the relieving power of Fentanyl. The doctors began to give him stronger doses. It started at 12.5mcg and over time to 25mcg, then 50mcg to the maximum dose of 100mcg. As the doses changed and fluctuated so did his moods. He noticed he was constantly irritated and this became a problem in his family life. Depression was starting to set in. He had no motivation to leave his home. At this point he was on the strongest dose of 100 mcg and was starting to change the patch every two days. His doctor refused to change his doses again. He was already at the max dose and changing the patch every day. Chris felt like he had to resort to something else. He found an article on the internet that instructed him to chew the patch instead of sticking it on his body. Chris was informed through the article that by doing so it would double the effects to 200 mcg. He began doing this for quite some time.

Chris's body became immune to this doubling up. He had to find other ways again to relieve his addiction. He was feeling more agitated and his mood swings were out of control. Chris nearly overdosed on 4 separate occasions. He would simply just believe he was asleep. This is how powerful this drug is on your body.

Another turning point in Chris's life was in January of 2015. Chris admitted to himself and his family that he needed help with his addiction. His craving for Fentanyl was taking control of his every waking hour and he needed help.

He decided to contact a public health nurse where she wanted him to go to a methadone clinic. He decided to do his research on methadone and concluded that methadone is another drug that is highly addictive and worse than Fentanyl and heroin. He refused to go there, so the nurse set up an appointment for him to enrol in a Government funded drug rehab program. But, he was informed that there was a waiting list and that it could be as long as 6 months to a year before he would be accepted. He tried to taper himself off of Fentanyl but his addiction was too powerful.

He then decided that he could not wait that long or he would die. He really felt like this was a matter of life and death for him and he had to get help elsewhere. He found a private rehabilitation center that offered a medical detox program. He was put on a 6 day opiate detox regiment before being released for the counselling program.

After successfully finishing his 90 day program he felt alive again. He found that his pain was under control and his addiction to opiates was no longer a problem for him. Chris knows better than anybody the struggles one has to go through to be where he is today.

Today, Chris is now the owner and founder of Life Changes Canada. A private drug and Alcohol Recovery Center in Caledon Ontario. Because of his struggles with this powerful drug and his decision to not let his life become defined by his addiction his goal is to inspire others that feel they have no where to turn. He hopes his story in turn will guide others to come to his facility and begin to take the steps to change their life and fight the demons of addiction once and for all.

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Life Changes Canada is a medical detox and drug abuse treatment center based in Caledon Ontario. Offices in Ottawa, Montreal, with 30 medically trained physicians and support workers. Life Changes Canada hopes to give those with addiction a safe place to regain the lives they once had.

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Fentanyl Addict from Ottawa cleans up and opens drug addiction rehab center in Caledon, Ontario to help save others from addiction.

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