Mangstor Announces General Availability of All-Flash Storage Array Using NVMe over Fabrics

Revolutionary Storage for High Performance Computing On Display at SC15

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Mangstor today announced the general availability of its new NX Series all-flash storage arrays, offering revolutionary enterprise performance based on Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) over Fabrics. The new software-defined storage solutions from Mangstor are the first to share all-flash storage at speeds of up to 100Gbps over standard Ethernet and Infiniband networks. Mangstor will showcase the NX storage arrays together with Mangstor NVMe PCIe solid-state storage drives (SSD) at SC15 in booth 3119 from Nov. 16-19.

“Magma is creating exciting new technologies for enterprise and cloud applications by harnessing the combined power of PCIe SSDs, dedicated graphics processors and other expansion peripherals in more efficient ways”

The new Mangstor NX6320, allows financial, research, real-time analytics and scientific applications to get more work done in less time by delivering extremely high data bandwidth over networked SSDs while maintaining the low latency and response time of direct attached PCIe SSDs. Companies and organizations requiring high-performance computing can benefit from the Mangstor solution with 10X higher IOPs performance and 10X lower latency compared to legacy all-flash storage arrays. Deployment and management is made easy with intuitive tools supporting Web, command line and REST API interfaces.

“Analysts predict that by the year 2020 more than 44 zettabytes of information will be produced, which means our growing digital universe will require a completely new information infrastructure,” said Trevor Smith, Mangstor founder and CEO. “Mangstor’s flash storage arrays and software will help unlock the super computer in every data center and redefine the IT infrastructure behind modern computing.”

The Mangstor NX-Series was first demonstrated in August at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA, where it won “Best of Show for the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology.” Since then, numerous partners and researchers have adopted the Mangstor technology to speed performance of enterprise database and scientific workloads for high-performance computing programs and offerings.

Mangstor, Caltech and the Large Hadron Collider

At SC15, Harvey Newman, a professor of physics at Caltech, will use Mangstor products to demonstrate how data can be shared between the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and research labs around the world. Mangstor’s NVMe products are a key element in Newman’s teams simulation of the flow of immense LHC research data while intelligently optimizing server, storage and network resources to achieve greater performance, lower latency and fewer demands on budget, space and cooling.

“Together with Mangstor we’re showing how research institutions and corporations alike can better share and manage billions of data sources over an intensive data network. We’re seeing a huge performance and latency improvement using Mangstor’s NVMe -based flash storage, and we share Mangstor’s vision for optimizing how storage, compute and network resources can all work together to underpin the software-defined data center of the future.”

Mangstor Technology Showcases at SC15

SC15 attendees can meet product experts and view demonstrations of Mangstor’s breakthrough NVMe PCIe SSD and all flash NVMe over Fabrics-based storage array solutions at the following booths:

  • Caltech global LCH data sharing network at Caltech booth 1248
  • Caringo software-defined, massively scalable object storage at Caringo booth 489
  • Magma high performance expansion solutions for HPC, media, aerospace and other markets at Magma booth 2800
  • Mellanox 100Gbps Ethernet networking solutions at Mellanox booth 613
  • Open Grid Computing big data collection and analytics appliances at Mangstor booth 3119.

For more information about the new Mangstor NX-Series all-flash array, visit the Mangstor product page. For additional commentary see “What the industry is saying about Mangstor.”

About Mangstor

Mangstor provides all-flash enterprise storage drives and arrays for web-scale, enterprise and cloud data centers where large data volumes, superior performance and low latency needs converge. Using Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) over Fabrics, Mangstor NX Series arrays provide up to 10X faster performance and 10X lower latency over traditional flash storage. Mangstor NVMe-over-Fabrics solutions deliver all-flash performance over extremely fast networks to radically increase productivity for online transactions, virtualization and real-time big data analysis on standards-based hardware. Based in Austin, Texas, Mangstor offers its products worldwide direct and through a growing network of resellers. For more information, visit

What the Industry is Saying About Mangstor

“HPC and Big Data use cases are changing the expectations of storage—driving the need to keep all data instantly accessible and searchable,” said Jonathan Ring, CEO and founder of Caringo. “Caringo Swarm object storage and Mangstor all-flash arrays based on NVMe over Fabrics help speed that search, producing faster and more reliable results.”

“Magma is creating exciting new technologies for enterprise and cloud applications by harnessing the combined power of PCIe SSDs, dedicated graphics processors and other expansion peripherals in more efficient ways,” said Randy Jones, Magma CEO. “Together with Mangstor, we are meeting the growing demand for blazing system performance that can scale for media and entertainment, defense and high performance computing environments.”

“Large scale supercomputing environments require real-time monitoring of system and job data, yet today’s solutions can’t keep up with the data volume and complexity,” said Tom Tucker, president of Open Grid Computing Systems. “We purpose-built the OGC OVS-5400 using the Mangstor PCIe SSD and RDMA network connectivity to integrate system monitoring, into a single appliance that can provide data collection, storage and monitoring for tens of thousands of concurrent data input streams and analyze this data in real-time.”


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