Free Speech Coalition Opposes "Sue a Porn Star" Ballot Measure

LOS ANGELES--()--The Free Speech Coalition, the adult film industry trade association, reiterates opposition to a ballot measure that would allow any citizen of California to sue if they see an adult film without condoms.

“In his zeal to control and monitor adult film, Michael Weinstein and AIDS Healthcare Foundation have crafted an outrageous initiative that would allow any citizen of the state of California to sue a porn star for not using condoms on film, and gives them a financial incentive to do so. The initiative likewise permits private citizens to sue hotel chains, cable operators and retail outlets for selling or distributing such films. In an effort to patrol community morals, Mr. Weinstein's initiative turns the state courts into a legalized method of stalking, harassment and exploitation of adult film stars."


Free Speech Coalition
Joanne Cachapero, 818-348-9373