GEM Prepares Launch of Game-Changing Ultimate App, SELFEO: Immerse Yourself into Any Video, Become Focus of Social Media

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) Raises $5 Million in Private Offering

NEW YORK--()--Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) – the leading Social Media technology company with its proprietary, elegant, immersive, simultasking Social-Media-TV-Everywhere feature functionality that produces the most user-friendly and enjoyable communication, viewing and sharing experience ever created – is about to launch its game-changing revolutionary platform.

“Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, now, everyone can have it every single day as many times as they like.”

The company also announced that it has raised $5 million in a 506D SEC filing.

The App that is to be unveiled this summer is unlike any other and is truly changing Social Media. SELFEO is being rolled out worldwide in a massive marketing deployment. SELFEO has garnered interest from top Wall Street firms; venture capitalists; the U.S. Department of Defense; foreign countries, major sports leagues, such as the NBA and NHL; and major Hip-Hop celebrities.

GEM signs major deal with Ora.TV

The company just completed a major content deal with Ora.TV whose principal owner is the world’s wealthiest individual, Mr. Carlos Slim. Ora.TV is a major film studio that brings to bear all of Ora’s considerable resources to the Ora-GEM partnership.

Having Mr. Slim and all of his clout brings a tremendous amount of resources to move the Ora-SELFEO Social Media revolution significantly. Now, users, celebrities and everyone else can have their own SELFEO channels. In fact, in a recent meeting with top executives of 20th Century Fox, GEM was offered an exclusive for their White Label technology. GEM promptly turned this offer down, and this has been shown to be a very wise decision. GEM is also closing a major content deal with Android TV to be displayed within the SELFEO content asset base.

10% Convertible Debenture snapped up by investors

Meyers and Associates, one of GEM’s leading investment bankers, has also worked on a 10% Convertible Debenture that has been snapped up by investors and is presently being closed out. Major investors and VCs that Meyers have brought in have been so enamored with the unique technology that they jumped immediately to make an additional financing round before an initial public offering and have already lined up advertising revenue as well as major celebrity marketing campaigns.

SELFEO -- the most IMMERSIVE, elegant, simultasking, enjoyable and user-friendly communication viewing and sharing experience ever developed for any digital device -- is an outgrowth of its original broader VIEWER Platform.

Everyone who sees the platform and starts to interact with it recognizes that it is an absolute “game changer in the way we use Social Media,” according to Eddie Huey CTO and Co-Founder of SELFEO. “It is sought after because of its unique Social Media features that are lacking in all other Social Media including, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.” SELFEO is the ultimate App being unveiled, has metamorphosed from VIEWER that has already been approved by Apple for the App Store and GOOGLE for Android applications.

Huey added, “Curated from across the entire Web library, this user-friendly app allows you to pick out what content you want, when you want it. It is individualized and personalized with everything at your fingertips. It delivers, to the second, any and every major multiple popular trending viral video that is exploding across Social Media.”

Through SELFEO one can immerse themselves as part of the action, voice their opinion and share their views and emotions on any topic, including the hottest, most relevant viral important news or topics of interest of the moment every day. Instead of just posting on Twitter in a disconnected manner, the user can now be seen and heard across the world on any Social Media platform and vice versa. It is a two-way visual open communication portal where everyone can now utilize video as the most powerful psychological communication manner to convey and share his or her feelings and relevant thoughts. SELFEO is used in a live environment as well; whether it is in a beach, live concert, sporting event, social gathering, political protest, barbecue, breaking news or any other setting. The uses for SELFEO are limitless and endless.

Furthermore, SELFEO is the only Platform that allows users to SIMULTANEOUSLY multitask across the full Social Media spectrum, such as surfing the web, face chatting while watching the same shows all on one digital device and having Twitter, Facebook or Instagram all simultaneously while wrapped around their favorite videos just making life a whole lot easier and user friendly in today’s information-overloaded mania. SELFEO personalizes one’s communication capabilities to their preferences, organizing their complete Social Media to their specifications.

SELFEO is being prepped through a massive marketing Social Media rollout including billboards, celebrities and concert giveaways, including the upcoming Electric Zoo concert.

“Now everyone can be seen and heard, making their opinions loud and clear and contributing to a very important human need in everyone’s quest of making a difference,” said Gary Nerlinger, Founder of GEM. “Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, now, everyone can have it every single day as many times as they like.”

Through the simultaneous multitasking elegant immersing led by SELFEO it now becomes the hub of all Social Media. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

GEM in negotiations with major dating site; preparing S1 for IPO

GEM is currently in negotiations with one of the top two major dating web sites that has 700 million views per week. As a result of being able to attract tens of millions of eyeballs a day through this emotionally driven and psychologically impactful powerhouse, the phones have been ringing off the hook at GEM.

The company is in process of preparing the S1 preceding an IPO and will shortly release the information regarding the Public Offering. Currently, the major focus has been on the branding, advertising campaign and celebrity launch, initially concentrating in the Northeastern U.S. SELFEO is not just an App – it’s a Media Revolution.

About Giga Entertainment Media

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) is a multi-media technology company that provides unique interactive viewing and communications enhancement features, such as existing live programming, VOD and movie lineups, to consumers on the Internet as well as private labeling to brands, content providers and content aggregators and their subscribers.

GEM'S most recent technological breakthrough on its dynamic game-changing platform allows real-time access to the entire web and associated video library, which includes substantial cable programming through voice recognition and user-friendly swiping viewed in an optimal personalized digital experience. GEM’s advanced technology allows multitasking, simultasking and the entire range of interactive social network applications all at the same time on one device.

With its GIGANETTV Brand consumer-friendly entertainment service, GEM allows the transmission and receipt of up to 30 simultaneous content streams, enabling the user to control the viewing and communications interfaces in real time by adjusting the size and location of viewing windows. On a single site, consumers can access live broadcasts, movies, social networks, games, applications, web search, email, text, blog, join single or multiple live personal or group chats, conference, Skype, play video games and record -- all in HD on simultaneous multiple PIP (picture-in-picture) expandable, shrinkable and movable floating screens. Users are also offered buy-now options with an advanced programming guide, scrolling, newsfeeds and alerts.

GEM has two distinct business models: the business-to-business (B2B) GIGANETTV platform and the recently launched business-to-consumer (B2C) VIEWER Retail Super App -- the ultimate, most personalized, "simultasking" Social Media app ever. Both are available on any digital device and feature simultaneous multi-screen, multi-stream, multi-tasking and multi-user collaboration capabilities.

The company will be filing for an Initial Public Offering shortly and will be entering the quiet period at that time.


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GEM – the leading Social Media tech company with its proprietary, elegant, immersive, simultasking Social-Media-TV-Everywhere SUPER APP– is about to launch its game-changing revolutionary platform.

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