Amplion Launches the Amplion Biomarker Engine™, a Proprietary Platform for Gathering & Annotating Biomarker Information

BEND, Ore.--()--Amplion Inc., publishers of BiomarkerBase™, today announce the launch of a proprietary platform for rapidly and accurately gathering, filtering, and annotating biomarker information.

“It can be directed against any large data source that includes biomarker information.”

The newly developed Amplion Biomarker Engine™ is able to gather and filter large volumes of biomarker information from diverse sources. It then makes it easy for that information to be rapidly annotated using a sophisticated front-end application.

The Amplion Biomarker Engine™ is an end-to-end workflow tool that has modules for pulling in unstructured and structured data, filtering and highlighting the data, annotating the data, and learning from the annotations.

“The true beauty of the Biomarker Engine,” said Adam Carroll, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Amplion Inc., “is that it is able to learn from all of the annotations that are made. It gets progressively smarter, leading to ever more rapid inclusion of novel biomarker information into BiomarkerBase™.”

The Amplion Biomarker Engine™ uses natural language processing and machine learning and is being deployed initially to expand the coverage of biomarkers in clinical trials in BiomarkerBase™.

“The platform is very flexible,” said Corey Dow-Hygelund, Data Scientist at Amplion. “It can be directed against any large data source that includes biomarker information.”

BiomarkerBase™ is already respected as the database with highest quality clinical biomarker information, and that same information quality will be maintained even as information is added more quickly.

About Amplion Inc.

Amplion publishes BiomarkerBase™, the comprehensive knowledge base of biomarkers in clinical use and development. BiomarkerBase™ makes it easy for busy professionals to undertake competitive analysis, target selection, and market research involving clinical trials and products that use biomarkers.


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