CENTRI Launches BitSmart Enterprise for Enhanced End-to-End Data Protection

Software-Only Solution Works with All Existing Applications, Networks and the Cloud to Encrypt Enterprise and Consumer Data

SEATTLE--()--CENTRI, a provider of enterprise data protection solutions, today announced BitSmart™ Enterprise, a software-only solution that protects data throughout its entire lifecycle – in use, in transit and in storage. BitSmart Enterprise v1.0 uses an ultra-fast and secure proprietary algorithm to provide next generation encryption technology to each byte of data. A typical business customer can install the solution in as little as 15 minutes to begin completely protecting their data and mitigating the impact of data breaches.

“The old paradigm of protecting the network with external defensive measures is no longer enough for enterprises to keep their valuable customer and confidential data secure in today’s cloud computing and mobile-first world”

BitSmart Enterprise can be easily installed on mobile applications, networks or the cloud. Enterprises do not need to expand their IT infrastructure or purchase any additional equipment. The solution offers a revolutionary and unique symmetric key management system that uses its own algorithms for key exchange, authentication, hashing and encryption to optimize the process and remove the need for third party key vault management. BitSmart Enterprise includes several new enhancements without negatively impacting the user experience for companies or their employees, vendors and partners.

“The old paradigm of protecting the network with external defensive measures is no longer enough for enterprises to keep their valuable customer and confidential data secure in today’s cloud computing and mobile-first world,” said Vaughan Emery, CEO and president of CENTRI. “Companies must shift their thinking to ensure that they are protected when breaches occur. BitSmart Enterprise delivers end-to-end data protection all the time, anywhere and everywhere, making compromised or stolen data useless to external hackers or internal rogue sources. While many other security solutions on the market today claim that they provide data encryption, most rely on cumbersome third party key management tools and SSL, which are quite limited in scalability and effectiveness to protect your data.”

BitSmart Enterprise can be used to secure confidential corporate information or customer data across many different industries. Banks and credit unions can protect customer assets with data from mobile banking applications to stored credit information on databases all while meeting Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) requirements. Health care organizations can enhance protection of patient data, as BitSmart encrypts the patient data from the moment it enters the system and protects it no matter where it resides - in public, private, and hybrid clouds and on various mobile devices. This is ideal as health care providers have many touch points and need to meet strict Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. Energy firms also have more access points, which increases exposure to potential cyber security breaches. BitSmart can secure power assets and customer data from terrorists and agents of espionage, while maintaining compliance with security regulations such as the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). BitSmart can also provide comprehensive data protection for the transportation industry with connected vehicles and operational controls, which are becoming attractive targets for hackers.

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CENTRI provides next generation data encryption and optimization solutions for the connected world. Our technology helps organizations secure what matters most – their data – by seamlessly integrating into their existing applications and services in the cloud, data centers or mobile devices and the Internet of Things. Enterprises and governments rely on CENTRI to seamlessly protect the full lifecycle of their data – on the endpoint, in transit and in storage. For more information visit: centritechnology.com.


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